Raiding my Wishlist

I’ve been looking at my Steam wishlist wondering if I should use my remaining Steam funds on giveaways (I have quite a few games for giveaway already but not enough yet!), buy something fun to play now or keep what I have to go towards The Witcher 3. The release date for that has been pushed out to May so that gives me time to save up should I decide to buy it at release.

Anyway, here’s three fun looking games I have wishlisted at the moment.

Muffin Knight, Steam

Muffin Knight– This caught my eye yesterday. It’s cute, colorful and has an interesting twist in that each muffin you get back for the old fairy turns you into a new creature, if I’m reading the summary right. Once you have all 18 muffins returned the old fairy promises to turn you back into a little boy. Made me think of Rogue Legacy only, hopefully, without the money-grubbing Guardian. The game has Steam achievements, unicorn poop, co-op and multiplayer options and full controller support. I didn’t see mention of Steam cards but it looks like a fun little time waster with a good amount of challenge.

Monster Loves You, Steam

Monster Loves You–  I feel like I may have talked about this game before but I couldn’t find a post where I did. Monster Loves You flips the idea of playing the hero on you as you play as the monster instead. I believe there are a couple of ways to play your monster, opting to, for instance, save little scared and lost children in the woods and get them to safety OR eating their fingers. I haven’t played the game myself but the idea of playing the mean and villainous monster appeals to me! Replay value appears to be pretty good as each play through can net you different experiences and outcomes. You start as a baby monster and, as you play, you grow up. The Steam page says to elderhood and beyond. Not sure what “beyond” means but I’m wanting to find out!

Peggle Nights, Steam

Peggle Nights–  My kids often shake their heads in disapproval when they see me playing match-3 games or even puzzle games like Peggle. Hinders me not as I love them! I picked up Peggle through Origin, an ‘On the House’ game one week. I have had a crazy amount of fun burning through the levels and when I saw Peggle Nights on Steam, I immediately put it on my wish list. Peggle Nights brings 60 new challenges, a new Peggle Master and you can unlock a multiplayer mode so you can play against your friends or the computer. Duel-mode sounds amazing! As long as I win, anyway.


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  1. Muffin Knight – Looks cool. Haven’t heard of it before. May give that one a look myself.
    Monster Loves You – Saw the Game Grumps play it. It’s like a “make your own monster story” game.
    Peggle Nights – THIS. THIS ONE. If you like Peggle then Nights is just more of what you love.

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