Less than two months!

If I had the time, no responsibility and no need for food or sleep, I could play every game in my Steam library to “completion” in less than two months!

Steamleft calculations on completing my Steam library

Now, I tend to go slower and, where possible, explore the games I’m playing as much as I can. My complete times are always more than what the average time states. I’m ok with that, too, just so you know!

When I first saw the calculations, 1194 continuous hours (49 days, 18 hours and 9 minutes) my first thought was, ‘Well that settles it. No new games for me for awhile!‘ but then I started looking at other folks calculations on Twitter and softened up a bit. Most of the ones I saw posted made mine look on the smaller side. Jealousy may have peeked it’s ugly head as I wondered what games everyone had that I didn’t. That is a HUGE thing with me, after all. I enjoy playing my games but I tend to feel left out, behind everyone else because I don’t have the money to buy new releases when they release! Sometimes it’s a year later before I pick them up even. That’s not to say I never get a new release because I do. My husband and kids see to that when something releases around my birthday, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversary (that’s how I originally got into Tropico, it was an anniversary gift from Mike) or Christmas when they can.

I’m just whining I suppose.

Anyway. Steamleft added a bit at the bottom that made me feel it’s even more aptly posted on today. In the time it takes me to complete my Steam library (according to the screenshot above) I could recite Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech 4.214 times. I think we should all hear that speech but reciting it that many times may be a bit much.

Have you checked to see how much time it’d take you to finish your Steam library? (<—– that’s a link to Steamleft so you can) Also, if you have, planning on buying more games? I am, I just hope to be more careful about my gaming spending. More careful and deliberate.


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  1. I like how the “In this time you could …” section is so topical!

  2. “I enjoy playing my games but I tend to feel left out, behind everyone else because I don’t have the money to buy new releases when they release! Sometimes it’s a year later before I pick them up even.”

    Pretty much how I felt watching your Steam additions recently, lol. You have nothing on one of my other Steam friends, though. Sometimes I wonder how the hell they can afford anything else with all the games I see added to their account. Steam truly is an addiction for many, they’ll buy games that they will never play, and possibly never planned on playing anyway, but they want to watch that Steam level go up and to compete with other Steam users. Steams know this, that’s why they even have levels and all the other stuff to begin with; their site is a game in itself.

    I, too, know about taking your time playing. I’ve had SRIV for a year and only recently rescued my second homie, which makes no sense if you don’t know the game but let me assure you that I am not that far into the missions and I haven’t touched the DLC missions. Hell, I think it took months before I even did the main mission that opened up the rest of the game because I ran around exploring, collecting collectibles, and completing activities and flashpoints before there were missions to complete them (the mission spam was funny when I finally had the missions for them). I have some games I have never played after buying them because I get caught up playing something else or not playing games at all. It’s nice to know they’re there when I do want to play them, although I worry about what happens if Steam shuts down. Wait, what are we talking about? 😛

    • I’m betting a lot of the additions you saw were either Christmas gifts or giveaways, tho I did get a couple just for me during the Steam sale.

      I love using Steam badges to up my level. Means absolutely nothing but makes me happy. You don’t get much in terms of leveling up by buying games as you do crafting badges. They give you 100 XP per badge. I wish tier 2 and up badges gave you extra XP …

      I’m easily distracted when playing. My plans would have had me finished up with Bioshock 1 and 2 by now AND my second play through of Inifinte. I also thought I’d be nearly finished with The Witcher 2 by now … I get sidetracked by other games too much for that, though.

      And as for Steam shutting down, I don’t even want to think about that. I love having my games in Steam because they can’t walk out of my house like SO VERY MANY other games. Makes me feel safer and more secure knowing most of my games are in Steam.

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