Dragon Age 2: Not even a whisper!

Scene from Dragon Age 2

I had to use headphones when playing Dragon Age 2 last night though I shouldn’t really complain. The audio is SO much better, fuller and adds a dramatically different touch on headphones versus speakers! Not sure why that is but from what I remember, DA:O was the same way. I was talking to this NPC lady who sought to hire my services in hopes I could find the person she’s looking for, her brother. She was telling me that much of what she knew shouldn’t even be talked about in whispers. I asked her to explain further and she did. Only, there was no audio for a bit even though her mouth was moving.

BIOWARE! That’s a bit too illustrative, wouldn’t you say? My Hawke doesn’t read lips!

I’m not sure what happened to make then audio blip out but, given the fright this woman spoke of when telling what she knew, it was perfect timing!

Hawke is up to level 9. I wanted to push for level 10 before logging but I was exhausted! I think I’m seeing things I didn’t on my first play through, little bits here and there. Makes a second play through all the more worth it! That said, it was hard to go into DA:2 rather than DA:I last night! I was in the middle of convincing myself I hadn’t really missed anything important when my daughter’s boyfriend asked me what I was playing. I gushed about the story, the lore and, in doing so, reaffirmed why I’m happy to replay DA:2 and get those missing parts of the story filled in before moving on to Inquisition.

I’ve met Sebastian and helped him see his mission through but it sounded as if he’s going home instead of joining my party like he did my first play through. I’m still in Act 1 so maybe I’m forgetting when he comes on board? Need to look that up! I think I may have put the kibosh on that, at least for now, due to choices I made when I first met him (this go ’round). He was in the Chantry when I went to turn in to him but he wasn’t on the stage area. He was in the big hall near the door standing up against the wall.

Anyway, hoping to get to 15 when I play again. And, I hope that’s soon, Maker willing!


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  1. I’ve not played 2 yet but closing in on the end of my Origins playthrough so it won’t be long! I don’t have Inquisition so I’ll be leaving it there for the time being. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DA:2 isn’t like Origins so know, going in, it’s a very different game. Once you’re past the ‘but Origins was …. ‘ bit, it’s very enjoyable! And when you import your Origins game and see bits and pieces of it referenced here and there, it’ll make you smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

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