Behold! I have achieved GREATNESS!

(Couldn’t add a small wav file of this so I had to embed a video. That’s so much more efficient. Not.)


My birthday is fast approaching. My son is home from college this weekend and, worried he may not be next weekend, decided to go ahead and give me my present. This is what he handed his two-year old to bring to me. If she hadn’t been whispering “Happy Birthday” in that hushed but loud awe-inspired way, I probably wouldn’t have looked up to see what had her so excited.

I’d seen a 12 inch Mario and sent the link to my husband, telling him I wanted it. My daughter’s best friend overheard me telling him about it and asked to see. We both, her and I, oohed and ahhed over how adorable Mario was and talked about where we’d put him if we were lucky enough to get our beloved Mario figurine. I had no idea my son was listening. He said when I told her Mario was 12 inches tall he thought to himself that he knew where he could get a 20 inch tall Mario.

20 inch tall Mario figurine

Is this not the most amazing thing ever?? Mario has poseable arms! His head moves left to right, his wrists twist, his arms go up, down and swing back and forth by his sides. His legs move in a rather painfully awkward way but if you pull his arms straight up, away from his sides, and then twist his legs around it looks like he’s doing an Irish jig. So that’s cute!

This, people, is greatness! And I have achieved it by virtue of turning 44! WOOHOO! I rock.

Funny story here. I was sitting in my doctor’s chair talking to the nurse. She mentioned I had a birthday coming up and I told her that in less than a month (from then) I’d be *42. A week or two AFTER my birthday had come and gone it hit me, I was 43 years old. I don’t know how you forget your own age but I did and managed to lose an entire year of my life in the process! I’d gone the whole year thinking I was 41. In all honesty, I have a problem remembering ages. I have to count from a birth year to figure the age of my husband, sister, kids … Apparently this also applies to me. Not sure why I can’t remember ages but it’s one of the things that makes me *me* according to my husband. Don’t even ask me how old my parents are. I’d have to tell you they were born in 1946 and 1947.

None of that matters, though. I have a freaking 20-inch Mario figurine!!


*I could easily be a year off on that. I don’t remember if I was 42 thinking I was 41 or 43 thinking I was 42. Confused? Yeah, me, too.



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