LotRO: Trying out the Beorning


I’ve been out of LotRO for a good while now but decided to scratch that pesky familiar itch when it came around a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded the client and installed and then waited a week or so before logging in. I hadn’t intended to play last night either. I’d wanted to get my daughter to play LotR: War in the North with me. She declined in favor of Captain Toad so I sat down and fired up a Steam game.

That’s when it hit. A sharp pang that whispered screamed “You could be playing LotRO“. I was quick to brush it aside with an “I don’t wanna” but then thought, ‘I could at least go create my character’. And so, I did.

I was reading someone’s blog (was it Syp?) where they discussed creating/leveling up a character but only doing the Epics. That speaks to me. Speaks volumes to me! I decided that’s what I’d do once I was out of the intro.


Was that an intro? I rolled a Beorning, excited to try something new. I remembered hearing there was a new starting area, one just for the Beornings and my excitement intensified! I talked to my brother, my sister, a couple of guys, a cow and that was about it. Oh, and I killed a few sickle flies. Had I known that’s all there was to it (unless I missed something?) I would have taken the time to run around and actually LOOK at this new starting area that had folks so excited. I thought I’d get the chance to but after talking to Radagast I was whisked away to Archet. It felt that quick. I felt a bit let down. Still, I pressed onward.

Oh, wait. The voice overs in the Beorning starting area. WHAT. WAS. THAT? Was it all done by one guy? A guy who felt he had a crap job saying crap lines for crap pay when he could be home clipping his toe nails instead? I didn’t feel it. The voices didn’t inspire me. They didn’t excite me. They did nothing other than make me wonder why someone didn’t care enough to put a little inflection (or something) in those lines.


Archet burned before I got there. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I was still in an intro and would be until I took part in some sort of battle! Again, did I miss something? Least you think I’m only here to complain, I’m not. I enjoyed myself! It felt nice to be back in LotRO again! I’m not sure if there was someone killing all the Brigands before I could see them or if there’s a seriously smaller number of them spawning but Archet was rather lacking on the Brigand front. I buried the three bodies and moved on to Combe.

When I hit level 5 in Archet (by getting to Archet I think … don’t remember levels 3 and 4 at all) I got the “there’s a festival quest” notice. I thought the Yuletide Festival was over? I got the exact same notice again when I dinged levels 6 and 7. Annoying but clicking decline makes the quest go away. I had to stop at level 7 because Ellie’s ring turned silver after I turned in for defeating Jagger Jack. I was hoping to get a lot further on the Epic but I need to take a few regular quests and level up before I can get back to the Epic. I also find that annoying but, I knew it’d happen sooner or later.

Think I’ll look up the Epic quests levels before I play again to help me manage my time a bit better!



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  1. Unfortunately, the starting area for Beornings is lacking because it was never meant to exist. They originally were going to only be available as starting at level 50 but people wanted to actually play them, level them up, so Turbine threw together levels 1-50. I had forgotten this when I started my Beorning and was wondering what the hell was going on, and then I remembered. I haven’t played in several weeks, or maybe a month or two, so my Beorning is sitting around level 20 in the Lone-lands. Hmm, when the heck did I last play? My last screenshot is from Nov 11th so that was the last time I played, aside from a little Yule Fest stuff to make sure I had enough tokens to get the three grim pets for a third character. Yeah, LOTRO really doesn’t appeal to me anymore, hasn’t for a long time, but it’s also hard to let it go completely for some reason.

    • That makes sense but begs the question, could they not have pushed the Beornings release back a little so they could give the area more attention? Looks like they chose deadlines over quality.

      I don’t see myself playing a ton but I do want to here and there, see how it goes. It’s like going home. Feels good to visit even when you’ve/they’ve changed.

  2. I’m glad the starting area for Beornings is pretty quick. Mostly the starting areas are just a chance to learn the basics of LOTRO, and while they’re interesting the first couple of times, if you roll a lot of alts it gets pretty old very soon.

  3. I like the “old” classes. I like wearing medium armor as a Minstrel. I liked being able to trait yellow but still shoot 40m as a Hunter. I liked the CC emphasis on the Loremaster, the old Captain buffs. I liked the old baroque trait system.

    All the new classes didn’t really interest me any more now than when they released Mines of Moria. Aside from the Champion, which has always been boring to play, my least favorite classes are the “new” Runekeeper, Warden, and now the Beorning.

    That said, Turbine has done a pretty thorough job of ruining the classes I *do* like so I’ve gone back and leveled everything just to give all the classes another look. My attempt to make the Beornings “bearable” (pun intended) is to play them as berserkers and use the werebear form as little as possible. The original Beorn was a cross between a Viking berserker and Dr. Doolittle anyway (Tolkien’s kids loved the Doolittle books and Beorns animals were inserted to please them). The axe-wielding berserker should have been the focus of one of the trait-trees in the class design, but Turbine has never really understood the potential of their own (re)design very well. If they had, they would have not tried so hard to lock us into one of three accepted builds.

    FWIW, this berserker play style is so at odds with the class design, that it isn’t really viable, but the only challenge left in LOTRO is to see how far you can get with a “bad build”.

    • I really miss the old SoA days and sometimes, seeing where the game is today and looking back to where it used to be, it makes me sad enough so that I have to stop playing. That said, I’m enjoying myself more than I thought I would after an 8 month break.

      I never liked the Warden and the RK, I dunno. The Beorning is fun to play, for me anyway. I only use the skin-changer when the fight is too tough or I’ve pulled to many mobs. As for weapons, I use whatever is best. Get them from quest turn ins or loot boxes.

      Not sure what build is best trait-wise. I went with red because it was in the center. I hate trait trees but may, at some point, look it up to see what others are saying about each one.

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