Want to live in Rapture?

Underwater cities coming to Japan

I’ve been thinking about this article all day long! A Japanese architecture firm is planning to build a real life Rapture in 2035. Well, I suppose they’ll leave the Little Sisters out of the plans, huh? Huge bodies of water terrify me. You’ll never get me on a cruise ship! The idea of being on the ocean with water as far as you can see, no land in sight, feeling the waves push against the boat, no. NO! Won’t happen! The ocean is such a powerful force I find the very idea of being at sea paralyzing!

There’s no way I’d live 200 feet below the surface either. I’m a surface dweller through and through. I can’t imagine spending my life, or even a small part of it, in a place like Orzammar, unable to see the sky, watch the clouds, feel the breeze! Under the sea? 200 feet under the sea? I could almost have a (small) panic attack just thinking about it!

That said, the idea is neat. Neat for those who find this interesting. Even if the ocean didn’t scare me so badly, I’ve played Bioshock! I’ve seen Under the Dome! I know what could happen! I’ll stay here, on the surface, far away from Big Daddies and Splicers and whatever else is down there. Which reminds me, I still haven’t finished playing Bioshock. I should get on that!


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  1. Live there? Hell no. Visit once, definitely. I imagine this will be the case with most people. You need a healthy dose of sunlight or you’ll turn into Little Sisters lol.

    Now would you kindly finish Bioshock?

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