Octodad: World of Kelp. Holy Cow.

Octodad, World of Kelp exhibit


I played a little of Octodad thinking it’d be fun! Gaming can be fun and relaxing at times, no? Octodad is a cute game but relaxing is the furthermost thing on my mind when I play! I did the World of Kelp exhibit at the Aquarium and, whooo_boy was that frustrating! Why, you ask? I’ll tell you!

I didn’t understand how to do this ‘find the right kelpy color on the globe’ game.

I thought, and I know, this is probably going to be the dumbest thing you’ve read in a while, but I thought I was supposed to stick those little globes onto the colored dots of the big globe as it spins around. Nothing in the game suggests this but that’s what I tried to do. I wasn’t successful, mind you, but I was determined. And by the time I cursed and gave up stopped and tried to exit the kelp center, I was beyond frustrated! Heh.

Once I realized what I was supposed to do it was, by far, the easiest task in kelp center! Well, going down the long tunnel slides was easier, but you know what I’m saying. Climbing to the top of that structure at the end made me want to smack someone at Young Horses, the developer for this game. The boards give way under your weight and plop you back down to the floor and you have to start your climb all over! If you get your legs tangled around something you can’t even see, it’s like the ‘epic cherry of frustration on top’, leading you to find whole new levels of frustration you didn’t know existed!

So. Why keep playing?

Great question! My son was watching me flail around as I tried to untangle myself from whatever it was I was wrapped around and asked if that was the “fun part” I’d mentioned when he asked why I played the game. No. That was not a fun part, not even a little. There’s a sense of achievement when you do complete your tasks, however, that tricks me into thinking ‘FUN!’. It’s like walking a 90 foot high tight rope that’s made of jello and if you make it across, you get a trophy. Falling is crushing but, since this is pixels we’re talking about, you get to start over and try to earn that trophy again. Getting the trophy is solid-pixellated-proof of your greatness. Doesn’t matter if it took you 45 minutes to walk across, you did it and by, George you have a new shiny to show for it!

But I have to say, after trying to “Complete the Dance Floor” in the Deep Sea exhibit, I questioned my need for that type of fun. Matter of fact, that’s where I logged out. I think I’ve had enough fun frustration for the day.


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