My wishlist for the week

This is what I’m hoping happens this week in terms of game time.

  • Dragon Age 2
  • Recettear, getting past day 22 (that 80K pix payment is HARSH!)
  • Octodad
  • Some Mario time
  • LotR: War in the North

I’m thinking this week should be much smoother, more normal, than recent weeks and if all goes well I should get daily game sessions in. I’m most looking forward to playing more DA:2 and Mario as of right now.

I played Recettear over the weekend and thought I was doing amazingly well. I not only made that first loan payment of 10K pix, I had more than twice that! The second payment, 30K pix was startling as I didn’t know it increased that much but that third, woof! I failed that one seven ways from Sunday. Made me not want to put the game down for a few, rethink thinks and look for another guide. I’ve no clue what I should be doing. What I’d like to do is get all those ‘I’m a miser and want you to give me stuff for almost NO money’ people together, throw them in a dungeon and let Louie take them all out. It’s like they don’t get that I’m running an item shop because I’m going to LOSE MY HOUSE if I don’t make the loan payments!


I also have a most serious itch to get back into Dragon Age: Inquisition but I’ve told myself I have to wait until my replay of DA:2 is done. Hard, people! My daughter’s boyfriend started playing LotR: War in the North a few days ago and now I want to finish my game there something fierce! It’s been way too long! I’m going to find my electric throw and get it plugged in by my computer so I can zone out in game after dinner this week and feel nice and cozy warm while doing so.

May the gaming ghods rain time on you this week as well!


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