Recettear: I’m not very good at this game!

Dungeon crawling in Recettear

I wanted to redeem myself after leaving Recetter homeless a couple of nights ago so I started the game up intent on getting past Day 8 this time. I suck. I didn’t do much in the way of dungeons my first time playing and, innocently enough, assumed that’s where I made my big mistake. Not so! I spent two or three days, for the most part, away from my item shop in the dungeons thinking I’d get a crapton of stuff to sell! Had Louie, my adventure, not failed in one, perhaps I would have fared better. That was not the case, however, as I was over 5k pixs short on my loan payment this time.

That said, dungeons are kind of fun!

My first time in the dungeons I was a little concerned that I’d only ever be able to fight brightly colored blobs of goo. So not true! I’ve killed bunnies, bees, spaghetti monsters (not sure what it was really but it’s in the screenshot above), mushrooms, all sorts of creatures. Good variety with cute graphics that makes up for the lack of any real combat skill. You just slash your way through, though, I’m thinking I may have been doing an extra attack the other night that I was unable to duplicate last night. (re: I forgot what I did before)

I did a little searching on how to survive past Day 8 in this game and the advice I’m seeing says, basically, to stay out of the dungeons save for one days worth. You buy the longsword, give it to Louie and do a dungeon run to stock your store since the sword will take about all of your pix. I also need to work on my haggling skills and learn when to go lower. I still don’t know what to do with the blue slimes (are they ink for the inkwells?) or the unknown special ingredients so I have a lot to learn yet. I wish my inventory bag held more than 20 items!! That’s frustrating to not be able to open a chest because my bags are full. I’m never really sure what to get rid of so I go with the cheapest buy price when trashing items.

I’m more bound and determined to save Recetter’s house now than I was before, however, so I’m hoping to get some time in game over the weekend. Poor thing is crying in her cardboard box while dreaming of Tear and pillows. At one point Recetter and Tear ran into Louie in the park. Recetter gave him a lot of advice as to which grass tasted better and how to prepare it. I wonder if that scene plays for people who are successful and don’t banish the poor girl to a life of homelessness.


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  1. I found that on my second run through I maintained a high selling combo by making a sale on the first try, the levels you get can be a big help when trying to make the loans as you get some nice benefits especially making orders. Also buying lots of items when they are low and selling them later is a lot of help.

    • Hmm. There’s more to this game than I thought then. Making orders? Is that what the unknown question mark ingredients are for?

      I read something about buying blue and red and when to resell but I didn’t understand it when I read it. Not sure what ‘blue’ or ‘red’ mean. Will go back to that forum and read while in game, see if I get it then. Thanks!

      • Red means they are double the normal price, blue means they are half. Sell when items are in the red, buy when they are in the blue and generally don’t put up any items that are going for less in the shop, you’ll waste your opportunity. The item market fluctuates so you can’t prepare for the ups and lows of pricings, just keep an eye on any notifications the game gives you.

        When you get to a certain merchant level you can fill in orders for people by having them come in for an item at a specified later date, a guaranteed sale. What is great is sometimes they don’t even want a specific item, just a class of item. Little girl walk in looking for some candy? Sell her the deluxe royal candy hand crafted by Willy Wonka and make a profit off her wee purse.

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