Steam bandwidth stats

Steam bandwidth stats from 01092015

I had a post written in my head all day and as soon as I sat down to type it out, I lost it. Completely! I decided to dink around on Steam while listening to Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and found myself on the Stats page. I clicked to view the bandwidth stats and was transported back to my old Usenet days. I used to post in a newsgroup back when the original Sims game was new. Sites were popping up all over the place with downloadable items you could put in your game, lot of recolored/retextured furniture, hair colors, styles, … clothing! It was a decorating BOOM for the Sims world.

Then came the inevitable discussions on pay sites. Should these artists charge for their work? Should they have a mix of free and pay items? Should all items be free since, technically, Maxis/EA owned the games? It was an ugly time, really, and I found myself in the thick of it one day when a well-known and well-loved designer called me a download whore.

There were two warring sides (I did say I was listening to Elastic Heart, no?) in our community, those for pay sites to support the designers and those against having to pay. The ‘for’ side was loud! If you even hinted that you didn’t side with them you were trashed post-haste. I’m not against pay sites but I am against one-sided “discussions” so I took up the banner for the underdogs in an attempt to explain what they were saying and, I’ll admit, to stir the pot a little. I was labeled a thief and even had one guy threatening to report me to my ISP.

Anyway, like I said, it was ugly. The designer who called me a download whore offered up ‘proof’ of my heinous acts by saying I was an American so of course I was greedy. I’ll leave the politics of that loaded statement out and skip to how this memory came back to me when I saw the bandwidth stats on Steam. Americans make up almost half the bandwidth used during normal times. That’s a LOT of downloading! Those stats are from the last 48 hours.

Steam 7 day bandwidth satellite view

This is a satellite view of the bandwidth used over the last seven days. I love seeing information displayed with maps and satellite charts! GAME ON! I wish they showed us the top 10 or so games downloaded by area, too. That’d be super interesting to see!


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