Recettear: A girl, a fairy and an item shop

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Recettear, Dad was (is?) an adventurer

I bought Recettear off the recommendation of someone on Google+ (Amanda?) when it was on sale last weekend. She’d had a lot of fun with the game and after reading her post on it I decided on a whim to buy it as well. I’ve never played a game like this before (jrpg?) and I’m very interested in spreading my gamer wings. I wasn’t sure what to expect but how bad could it be?


(This isn’t a slight on the game itself but it absolutely is on whoever is responsible for NOT making it clear what keys do what.)

Maybe keyboard/controller settings are common in games such as this but having never played one, I wouldn’t know. I loaded the game and tried to click on “New Game”. Nope, mouse doesn’t work so it must be the ‘Enter’ key. Nope, maybe the ‘Spacebar’. Uh-huh. ‘Control’? ‘Alt’? ‘Tab’? Left ‘Shift’? ‘Spacebar’ again only, harder? NO. NONONO. I kid you not, I got a little frustrated and smacked my keyboard.


But. But, wait. Which button did I hit to start the game? So I started pressing buttons. And more buttons. And more buttons. Then I smacked the keyboard again. BINGO! This time it was just my left hand (before it’d been both) so that narrowed things down quite a bit. It was the ‘X’ key that worked like a left-click of the mouse. Would it have been so freaking hard to say so for idiots people like me? I saw the options menu but because I hadn’t yet figured out how I’d selected to start a “New Game” I couldn’t access the “Options” menu either.


Screenshot above it deadbeat dear old Dad. He took out a loan for untold amounts of money and then skipped town (apparently to go fight a dragon atop a volcano?) and left his kid, Recetter, to pay his tab. Only, she had no clue where he was, when he’d be back or that he’d taken out this loan. She didn’t even fully understand the ramifications of the matter. The fairy came to her to collect her father’s debt but realized the girl was in way over her head. So Tear, the fairy loan shark, decides to help her pay off her father’s debt by turning her house into an item shop.

And the adventure begins!

The fairy runs you through a bunch of practices (tutorial like explanations) to teach you how to buy, sell and manage your shop. Your first goal in terms of the loan is to pay 10,000 pix in eight days. Easy enough, right? There are different ways to acquire goods to sell such as buying from the Market or Merchant’s Guild. Customers can also sell you items and if you buy them low enough (in price) you can turn a profit on them.

Recettear, GnR reference in a dungeon

Another way to procure items to sell is to hire an adventurer and go dungeon hopping. I utilized every single one of these methods and even though I eye-rolled a few times at the game as I played I enjoyed myself enough to keep playing. Once I turned the sound down on my speakers, that is. The music is monotonous and not to my liking.

Day 8 came around and I still hadn’t earned the 10,000 pix to make the first loan payment. I wasn’t worried about it as the fairy hadn’t asked for it yet so I kept opening the store to sell more items. Plus, she’d told me (Recetter) that the first payment wouldn’t be “severe”. I forget exactly how that was worded but my understanding was that as long as I did well with the shop and had most of the pix, they’d accept that. Then I did something stupid. After closing the shop that evening I went to the Merchant’s Guild, as per my usual, and started buying stock for the next day. It hit me when I was down to 9.231 pix that I didn’t have the 10,000 pix, but, I didn’t think it’d matter.

Recetter, game ended badly




The above screenshot was my “Game Over” screen. I lost the house/shop and poor Recetter had to live in a cardboard box! Then the game started again, picking up on Day 2. I stopped playing at this point, will play again another time. I do want to see this one through, especially since I banished this poor little innocent girl from her home and sent her to live among the homeless. GAH!

There’s a decent drive for achievement in this game, the biggest reason I want to keep playing. The story is a bit hokey to me and the music grates on my nerves, but it’s a cute game. Don’t regret buying this one now that I know what keys do what in game. I do have one more gripe, though. After discovering the “X” and “Z” keys select everything in game the fairy said something about changing the keyboard options. You can only do so by editing some exe file. That’s not cool!




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  1. Unfortunately(or fortunately now that you know the secret) all of the trio of these games have the same frustrating key combos. This dev must be on crack or something. It does have a simple charming art style to it though.

  2. The controls thing is apparently a Japanese thing, loads of games run on the Z, X and C keys when there isn’t a complicated control scheme, odd but you get accustomed to it.

    Once you beat the story of Recettear the endless mode afterwards is where most of the fun actually is, you aren’t burdened with the hope that you can scrounge up enough money each week and can find all the content to explore. Also, when a little girl walks in and ruins my selling combo despite selling her a 2,300 pix item for 40% of its original price, you will scream.

    • Odd, indeed!

      Tempted to fire it up today and see if I can get past day 8, redeem myself. I thought I was doing good with sales until I tried to sell the wooden shield. Not everyone is ok with +30% or even +20% markup. Makes some mad.

      Lot to learn!

      • Oh goodness, don’t get me started on trying to do things like sell your mercenary friends good gear, I try to sell him the best sword I can get for 60% short of the normal price and he says he can’t afford it and leaves….

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