Greenlight Picks #3

I was looking through my voting queue on Steam Greenlight a couple of nights ago and was pleasantly surprised at the titles they put in my queue. Here’s my top five picks!

Spellweaver TCG–  A tactical card game that looks interesting enough to make me want to play it. I’ve never played one before though I remember wanting to try Hearthstone. By the time I got around to really looking into it, (Hearthstone), I felt woefully behind all of my friends who’d been playing a ton and decided to skip it. The graphics in this one are cute and, going from the video, it looks easy to get into for a beginner like me. ‘Least, I hope it is. Hard to say when I’ve never played a tactical card game but it looked like there will be visual cues and information presented to the player to help learn the game.


Visibility– This is a neat take on platformer games. You start out in the dark and have to place lamps along your path to light your way through the level. As neat as that is what really struck me with this one was the devs immediate response to viewer feedback. He’s already started implementing ideas from the comments to improve the game. I think that rocks!


35MM–  From Steam: This is a post-apocalyptic story about two characters who went on a long journey through the lands that people left because of the epidemy. This game made in a quest style with some elements of a shooter. The styling of this game feels very fitting. Not many people, gloomy, must find a way to survive … What rocked it, for me, was being able to ride the train tracks to travel in certain areas. I’m a sucker for rail roads! Says the game is a quest style game and you’re trying to figure out who you are and where you’re from as you play. Sounds interesting!


Valiant: Resurrection–  Very retro-feeling RPG that has an old school vibe. You’re trying to save the one you love but, in this game, she’s died and your quest is to find a way to bring her back. Graphics aren’t the best but I can see myself picking this one up for a couple of bucks and enjoying it.


6 Nights–  This is a Monopoly like game you can play against the computer or with friends. I love finding board games remade into digital versions and this one has promise. Speaking of board games, I used to have a disc for Clue but lost it years ago. Anyone know where you can buy the game to play on your computer? Preferable with AI/Computer characters instead of needed real friends?


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