Carving out gaming time vent

I made a goal of getting more bang for my buck out of my days, being more productive at better times and getting in both console and PC gaming on a regular basis. Most nights I’ve been able to get in PC time, playing games from my Steam library or on Origin. It’s been amazing! ZEN! Console gaming, however, has been thwarted EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

My idea had been to snag a half-hour or hours worth of time on my consoles while my granddaughter napped. That’s a perfect time for me as the house is quiet, she’s asleep, even the dogs nap during that time! Thanks to the weather and the holidays, however, my kids have been home every single day. It’s not always the same kids but that matters not. When I fire up a console they come to watch. And tell me how they could do this or that better. Or talk about how often I die. Or point out something I missed. Or decide that’s the perfect time to come and talk to Mom because surely, if she’s just playing a game, she has free time!

They do the same when I’m blogging. My time means nothing in terms of value to them. I’m supposed to be at their disposal any and every single time they want something. Will they sweep the floors or scoop the litter box or …..? Only once in a very rare blue moon because they feel that’s my job. If I’m playing a game then I have time to clean the bathroom or change another poopy diaper.

My youngest is 17, btw, so don’t think I’m talking about toddlers or grade school kids. Nope, I’m talking venting about grown adults. Grown adults who become upset if I ask them to take out the trash if they’re playing a game.


I’m actually very happy I’m getting in gaming time before bed. I probably shouldn’t complain, really, given that. BUT. But I want to play my consoles, too. Evenings here the TV is in high demand. Grandbaby’s nap time is THE MOST PERFECT TIME! Next week should be better as my oldest boy is going back to finish his last semester of college and my other two sons work third shift jobs. Can run my daughter upstairs by asking her to wash dishes or whatnot. (I kid. It works, mind you, but I’m kidding.)

What console games are you guys playing? Not sure if I want to play The Wolf Among Us or finish one of the many games I’ve had going for … forevah first once I get console time in.


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  1. Just been playing Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare with my boys on PS3. They love PvZ!

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