Among the Sleep: Organization to the next level!

A friend gifted Among the Sleep to me for Christmas, a horror game I’ve had on my Steam wish list for a bit now. I don’t play a lot of horror games because I A) never find them scary and B) usually gravitate towards solving crimes or lopping Orc/Darkspawn/bad guys heads off with my massive great sword.  This one looked fun because you are a two-year old toddler, not a spooked out teenager or otherwise older person. A two-year old! Fearlessly innocent! How cute is that?

The music, sound of your heartbeat, dim lighting complete with surprise bright lights and spooky shadows set a great tone. I don’t find it scary personally, but I do appreciate the tone the developer worked hard to create. Before the spooky started I took advantage of climbing out of my playpen and scavenging around the room, looking for any and every toy I could interact with. Serious bonus points for being able to play with a train set!! The game is cute!

Climbing is fun. Generally you need to manipulate something to help your short little two-year old self to be able to climb up onto an object. You can scoot or pull objects where you need them to facilitate climbing onto or over something else. I couldn’t help but notice the clothing drawers (I pulled one out and climbed on to reach something in the room)! I’m all about organizing at the moment and watched a video not too awfully long ago on how to fold T-shirts and get more mileage out of your space. The drawer in game is in the screenshot below.

Among the Sleep, very organized drawers!


Here’s a link to the video on how to fold T-shirts. Maybe the developer saw the same video! OR! Maybe I was the only one on the planet who’d never thought to fold clothes in this manner. Either way, it’s neat! It’s also the reason I’m posting about the game before I finish it. I’m easily pleased sometimes, no?

I stopped playing at the playground. I’m in need of weight for a see-saw and got a little frustrated when I couldn’t find it. I was also dirt-tired! Looking forward to finishing this game soon. This little kid doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything or going anywhere, like jumping down LONG chutes into the veritable unknown! I have the option to peek around corners but I can’t tell if it’s worked or not yet. Speaking of, hiding your eyes is the CUTEST thing I think I’ve ever seen in a game. Makes me laugh every time I do it.


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