Dragon Age 2: Rolled a Human Warrior. Again.

Dragon Age 2, Ranni Hawke, my human warrior

I told myself that when I replayed Dragon Age 2 I was going to roll something other than the human ‘noble’ warrior I always roll. You can see, above, how well I did with that. Also, I was going to play either a Mage or Rogue because I thought it’d be cool to experience something else. But. I really like playing the female human warrior and, before I realized, I had me a new one!

What can I say, I like what I like!

Two or three levels in I suddenly was exhausted but needed to stay up (’til the buttcrack of dawn!!) to let my son in. I played through until level 7 I think. I’m either level 7 or just about to hit it. This play through I worked for the mercs instead of the smugglers to see what would be different. Some of the quests I did before, such as clearing the Bone Pits, are being sent to me via “mail” at Gamlen’s house. That may have been the same as before and I’m just forgetting the delivery.

It’s funny what you notice on another play through that you didn’t know to notice the first time. I’m meeting my party members quicker this time instead of waiting until I run across the quests that lead me to them. If that makes sense. I was hoping for a different party member when I made it to Kirkwall but had the exact same ones as I did the first time. When I was updating my Keep for DA:I import I saw a plot point that led me to believe I could have a different outcome. Not sure how to produce the different outcome (trying not to spoil) however.

I no longer feel a sense of extreme urgency to hurry up and finish because I really enjoyed DA:2 the first time. It’s not Origins, not by any means. It’s a shorter story and even though you can use the map to travel around a bit, it feels like you don’t really … go anywhere other than Kirkwall. I was hoping to lessen the rivalry with Aveline but I’m already seeing the red +5s. Oh well, she is a bit uptight, no? I haven’t decided who I want to romance this time or if I even do. That part of the first play through didn’t really do anything for me.


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  1. I’m in the middle of my DA:O replay myself. Rolled a Commoner Dwarf Female Warrior. I always roll a Male Rogue, so i broke from comfort to explore the game from a new perspective. Not comfortable wit Alistair or Zeveran hitting on me, though. 😊

    DA2 replay soon. Then MAYBE if I’ve been a good boy, DA:I.

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