Aiming high for more gaming time!

My desire for better organization and planning hits harder around this time of year than any other. I tried an experiment last year where I blocked in gaming time on a calendar and actually had a bit of decent success in getting more gaming time in. I don’t know why I stopped other than life comes out of nowhere and slays you with the “Busy Monster” at times. I’ve decided to give it another go as I crave me time where I play a game and ignore everything around me (as best I can)!

My intention is to play all of the games in my Steam Library (I say that every year but THIS year I MEAN IT!) as well as the pile of console games I have waiting. I was looking at my Steam games list the other day and decided to run the calculator at the Steam DB site and see what it said in terms of what I own versus what I’ve played.


My Steam Profile -from SteamDB

– Worth: $2070 ($508 with sales)

– Games owned: 147

– Games not played: 87 (59%)

– Hours on record: 867.3h


Here’s a link to a post I did last June with the then current calculator stats for comparison.


Although my percentage of unplayed games is 6% higher in December than it was in June, I’ve actually played more games! In June I’d only played 43 of the games in my Steam Library but thanks to buying more/being gifted games, my library grew quite a bit. I’ve now played 60 of the games in my Steam Library (most are still in progress, not finished) so I did make progress!

Console wise, I have 6 Wii U and 6 xBox 360 games I want to play/finish this year. Oh, and there’s Origin! I have all 3 Mass Effects, Sims 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition to play after I replay Dragon Age 2 (have to correct missing story/plot holes!). I have a few other games there as well but I’m not that interested in all of them right now. That means I grabbed a few “On the House” games without thinking it through and now wonder ‘Why’d I do that?’.


My plan is to get in console time during Grandbaby’s nap time in the afternoons and PC game time in the evenings. I’m aiming for five days a week of this!! Lofty goal but as long as I don’t blow time during the day and use it for getting chores and other stuffs done, it could be doable. I’m hopeful anyway and maybe a tad excited at the prospect.

Whatever your goals are for 2015, hit ’em hard! Happy New Year!




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  1. LOL I wish you hadn’t linked to that SteamDB site! 64% of my games have never been played! Now I feel silly.

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