To The Moon: Curious and Melancholy

To The Moon, bunny overload


I picked up To The Moon via the Steam sale a few days ago. The reviews, over 11 thousand of them, are overwhelmingly positive, a sign I took as ‘must buy!’. I read a few pages of reviews on Steam and the most common theme amongst the reviewers was story. That’s what I miss most about LotRO I think, the amazing story-telling that didn’t just grab me hook-line-and-sinker but, at times, made me cry. I haven’t yet hit the point where I can’t put the game down but I do feel compelled to finish this one.

The story presents itself at the end (of the story, not the game) and you traverse backwards through the ‘story’ to learn more of it. Sometimes this gives cause to a few ‘Yeah, saw that coming’ moments. Sometimes this helps you understand more of what you’ve already learned. I feel there may be a big hook or surprise coming, least, I’m hoping. The story seems to be building in that direction at this point.

I really don’t want to spoil this game for anyone who hasn’t had the experience yet but it’s HARD! There is an absolutely hilarious thing that happens when you’re with the kids, Sarah and Tommy, walking around outside. I made a note as I played that the doctors have a bit too much snark between them and, as much as I stand by that note, it wasn’t bothering me as much further into the game. I don’t really want to call this a ‘game’ as it’s more of an exploration into a story, one that starts off rather slow (to me) but gradually gets your interest up so that you want to experience the entire thing.

That said, I grew tired of the puzzle for preparing the objects after the second or third time. Actually, I find them highly annoying! I’ll still do them but only because I need to know what happens next. Or should I say, happened before? There was a rather lengthy (compared to other conversations) from a character that I believe was designed to make me feel for  that character and another. It didn’t but it did give me a bigger sense of ‘what the heck are they talking about’. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to feel more for at this point, (I’m not quite half-way through the backwards progression) but curiosity grows just as strong as the melancholy memories unfold.

I can’t wait to see what all those rabbits represent!


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  1. This game is beautiful :3

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