Greenlight Picks #2

I haven’t looked through Greenlight games on Steam in a while! This time it was hard to find five that I’d absolutely buy if they’re released but I gave it my best. Here’s my picks.

The Kingdom of Amelar– Off the top I’m not sold on the name “Amelar”. That said, this RPG has possibility. It struck a HUGE chord of nostalgia for me and made me want to borrow The Secret of Mana from my son. Oh, and a console to play it on. I think leveling to 1,000,000 would be something I’d *NEVER* aim for but this looks like a classic platformer with a decent (or familiar) story, crafting, killing and mini games. I’d buy it.

Wait– This is an interesting one. You start out as a man you know nothing about. As you explore and interact with objects you learn more about this man. The developers wanted to create an atmosphere reminiscent of HP Lovecraft, to bring you into the fear of the unknown and unimaginable. Can they pull it off? Dunno but I’d like to find out!

Judged: A Court Simulator– Looks a bit bare bones but if it’s fleshed out a bit more, could see enjoying this game along the same lines as Papers, Please.

Drohtin: Tales of an Old Kingdom (possibly)- I was hoping to see something to confirm you could fight over land/resources/troops/whatnot as you have a military to defend your village. The details are a little fuzzy for me (watched the video and read the write-up with an octopus of a two-year old on my lap). I voted yes for this but I’m on the fence really. I have Banished and Crusader Kings 2, for example, so do I really need another build-it-up-and-thrive type of game? That answer is “YES!!!” as long as I can rampage over my neighbors and take their resources while killing off their military. I LUST FOR BLOOD ON THE (pixellated) BATTLEFIELD!

The Secret Cove– A point and click adventure game set in the beautiful landscape of Cornwall, UK. I love a good point-and-click and this one might be fun to play. The story/quest has you looking for pages from the journal of a notorious smuggler who’s treasure is somewhere hidden in old abandoned tunnels. That treasure, if you find it, is your fortune. It’s not the usual type of point-and-click that I play but it has piqued my interest.


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