Octodad: Build those finger muscles!

Octodad getting married

What a beautiful couple!

I bought Octodad during the Steam sale a few days ago and finally fired it up to see if the game lived up to the crazy praise I’ve seen heaped on it. I can tell you that after 38 minutes I’m not sure. I don’t dislike it, I don’t love it yet but it is cute and funny. I would have played longer but my fingers were too tired! I took the above screenshot because I felt like I’d achieved greatness getting Octodad dressed and ready to get married. It took me for_evah to get that bow-tie on him! It kept falling off because I was turned around backwards or I wasn’t putting it in just the right place or I had my left foot cocked at the wrong angle. I have no clue why it was so hard but once it was on, I wanted to see an achievement message pop up!

I want to say I find it a slight bit odd that Octodad’s family show no signs of anything remotely connected to his DNA (that I’ve seen so far). That’s probably a good thing now that I think about it, else the house would NEVER be cleaned thanks to everyone knocking over every single chair, table, book, cup, … in sight as they move about the house! Really hoping I don’t get a “clean the house” chore as I can’t make him walk anywhere without leaving some sort of mess in my wake.

I did manage to make coffee without too big a mess (spilled the beans) and gave the daughter, Stacey, chocolate milk. I had to drop the milk jug a few times to right it in order to get this task done. Once I was instructed to go outside I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking there’d be no chairs or whatnot to get in my way. Outside means wide open spaces, no?

Grilling burgers and plating them up was surprisingly easy. This was the point when I realized “HEY! I’VE MASTERED THIS SUCKAH!” and I felt that way right up until I was told to mow the yard. OMG. I thought I grabbed a couple of screenshots while mowing but I must have hit the wrong button. I did an image search on Google to see if I could find one to show you what it looked like when I mowed the yard. This one works!

Octodad, mowing the yard

The only exception was when I managed to tangle my legs up around the mower. Awkward! Chopping wood wasn’t too hard, nor was rehanging the bird house. That boss (?) guy, however, had me stumped for a bit. There I was, hanging FROM the bird house because I didn’t realize I was still stuck to it when I switched to leg controls, wondering why I couldn’t move and how on earth I was supposed to stop this guy killing me without being sucked into the fan. I started flailing about trying to disengage from the bird house when I kicked one of the gnomes by mistake. Ah HA! I suppose I was supposed to be stuck to the bird house so I could kick the gnome heads.

I stopped playing after being instructed to find frozen pizzas at the grocery store. I would have played longer but my fingers were rather tired by then. It’s not a bad game and I did have a bit of fun. Wasn’t at all what I was expecting though, to be honest, I’m not sure exactly what I thought I was going to play, just that a physics based movement game wasn’t it. Still, looking forward to finding out if the wife wins out and forces Octodad to go to the aquarium after all.


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