Crafting Steam Badges

I’ve been working on collecting cards to turn into badges on Steam for months in anticipation of the holiday sale. IT’S FUN! I remember wondering how people ‘crafted’ on Steam for the longest time before I actually got into it myself and I wondered today if some of you are curious. I decided to do a ‘how-to’ incase you’ve been meaning to check into it and haven’t gotten around to it.

Steam profile level

What brought badges to my attention was my quest to understand how some people “leveled” up so much faster than I could. Crafting a tier one badge grants 100XP to your Steam profile! While not all games on Steam do, many games drop a certain number of cards needed towards the badge for that particular game. Different badges require a different amount of cards to craft. I’ve heard that the easiest way to earn the allowed card drops (the number varies by game) is to start the game in question up and let it run while you shower or cook or sleep as the cards only drop when the game is ‘running’. You may have noticed earning cards while playing before as a green box pops up on the Steam client to alert you to having a new inventory item. I believe the drop rate is one card for every 30 minutes until you’ve maxed the card drops for that game.

Cards needed to make a Steam badge

You can find the page for your badges in the drop down menu under your profile name at the top of your client or webpage (Steam via browser). There you can see the progress you’ve made for the badges you’re currently working on. This page will tell you how many card drops you have remaining and, should you have all necessary cards, allow you to craft the badge by clicking the “Ready” button. Clicking on an individual badge will open up that specific badges page.

Steam badge page

If you open a specific badge page you’ll see all the cards you have and or still need to craft that badge. If you’re missing cards for the badge they’ll be grayed out. I’m using the Risk of Rain badge in the images here and as you can see I still have card drops remaining. That’s because I bought the cards from the Steam Market before ever playing the game. Had I played the game for the card drops I would have earned three cards. There’s no guarantee that the cards you earn will be three (in this case) different cards as sometimes duplicates of the same card drop.

Selling a card from your Steam inventory

You can sell duplicate cards on the Steam market right from your Inventory. Just click on the duplicate you want to sell and then click the green “Sell” button to the bottom right of your Inventory. It will prompt you for a sell price and show you how much of that goes into your Steam wallet. Check the going price for that particular card before clicking the “Sell” button (will be listed right above the “Sell” button).

Steam badge page

The above screenshot is from the current holiday card badge. This is why I wait until the two big Steam sales to craft badges because every badge you craft gives you another special sale card, the holiday elf cards in this case. I’m addicted to collecting these cards and crafting the badges for them! As you can see I don’t have all the cards I need to craft this badge right now. Currently I have 5 of the 10 needed cards. The bottom half of this page will show you if any of your Steam friends have the card(s) you need. You can contact a friend who has the card you need from this page and offer to trade a card they want/need for the one you’re missing! You can also visit the Trade Forum to look for a specific missing card (I’ve never done this) or pull up the card on the Steam Market from this page. I typically just hit up the Market for cards I want as *most of them are reasonably priced.  (*Most cards I buy are between 5 and 7 cents USD) If I think the prices are too much for a card I wait until the prices drop.

Steam Market page for a card

When you click the Market button you’ll see something similar to the above screenshot once it finds the card you’re looking for. It’s rather a simple process to buy the card, just don’t forget to check the ‘I agree to whatever it says’ button at the bottom of the pop up window like I often do. Can’t buy without agreeing to the sales policy!

Here’s a tip if you’re doing this in a browser: Once you’ve opened a specific badge page and found you need cards, right-click on the Market button (if you’re going to buy the ones you lack) and open it in a new window/tab. Once you’ve completed a purchase it will take you to your Inventory so you can view the card rather than your badge page. If you’ve used a second window/tab to buy the card then it’s quicker, for me, to just refresh the badge page than opening the badges in progress page and then clicking on the individual badge page again. 

Badge crafting reward

Crafting a badge earns you ‘profile’ experience, a profile wallpaper you can display on your profile and an emoticon to use in Steam chat. When you craft badges during the summer/winter sales you earn a special sale badge also. Leveling your profile up, as I did in the above screenshot, grants you extra slots on your friends list. None of this is terribly important and I’m sure some view it as a complete waste of time and or money but I’m addicted for now and enjoy it tremendously!


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