Upcoming December Giveaways

That’s right, I said “giveaways“. Plural! Christmas is my very favorite time of year! I love Santas (sadly, can’t put most of my Santas out this year due to a two-year old Grand daughter who gets into EVERYTHING!), red and green decorations, Christmas lights, Santas (ever told you I have over 50 (may be closer to 100) Santas I usually put out for Christmas???) … it’s magical for me! I also love giving, gifting total strangers with an item from their wish list (G+ Secret Santa), surprising a few Steam friends with a new game, participating in Gamer Secret Santa (Stargrace runs it), taking a tag off the Christmas tree at our local bank (kids in need), I adore giving people I’ve never met something for Christmas. Doing giveaways here on my blog this year was born of this same spirit: I love making someone smile by gifting them something.

This year has been a TON of fun giving games away every month! Gaming is my happy place and playing that forward via the giveaways has been amazing.

July was my “Christmas in July” giveaway where I gave away a game each week. I wanted to go bigger for Christmas and decided on giving a game away a day for 12 days. I’m calling it the “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway”! Here’s how it will work.

  • There will be 12 giveaways in December
  • The giveaways will be open for 24 hours only versus the five days they typically run
  • No giveaways on weekend days (Saturday or Sunday) (Just Monday-Friday, my time [CST])
  • The giveaways will start at (in military time speak) zero-hundred hours and run through to midnight on their respective day
  • I will post a link on my  Twitter feed and G+ profile every time a new giveaway starts (links to the post for said giveaway) as usual
  • You don’t have to celebrate “Christmas” to enter and or win. “Christmas” is what I celebrate and how I’m referring to these giveaways
  • Instead of doing individual giveaway updates I will do a ‘weekly’ update covering the preceding weeks worth of giveaways on the weekend
  • I will email winners as soon as they are drawn via the RNG. Winners will have two days to reply back before I draw for a new winner
  • Each giveaway will have only one winner

Make sense? Clear as mud?

Some of the games being given away during the “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway” are:

  • The Swapper
  • Super House of Dead Ninjas
  • Dishonored
  • Spelunky
  • Brothers


Excited yet? I hope you are because I’m flat stoked! Giveaways will start Monday, December 1st so be on the lookout. Remember, they only last 24 hours so if you want a chance to win one, gotta act quickly. Good luck!


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