Merry Christmas to me!

Dragon Age: Inquisition in the box!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Since my son knew I knew they had gotten Dragon Age: Inquisition for my Christmas present, he went ahead and gave it to me!!! No point in wrapping it up! He came in front work, late, and handed it to his daughter. She’s two and is forever into everything she can reach, including a few movies we keep on a shelf in the living room. She waved this to get my attention and as I reached for it, I got on to her for getting another movie down.

Then I did a stupid pose, hollered, and stood rooted in place as Grandbaby and I checked out every detail of the back of the case. She thinks the flaming swords are, and I quote, “awesomesauce”. I tend to agree!

I doubt I’ll be ready to install and play before Christmas. I haven’t found the time yet this week to play DA:2 more (still a level 5 or 6) but I may just ignore today and jump in game. Haven’t decided yet as I have an important to-do list a mile long. DA:I sitting on my desk is great inspiration to hurry through and get it done!



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