Dragon Age: Origins, It Is Done.

I finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, including Awakening and all DLC. Bittersweet! When I bought the game I didn’t see any Steam achievements for it so when I got my first achievement I was surprised. I won’t lie, it took me a good while to figure out where those achievements were coming from and where I could view them! Normally achievements drive me in my game play and I often seek games on Steam sales that offer them. Dragon Age was so darn good the lack of Steam ones didn’t bother me, making the Bioware achievements an even better surprise! I have collected 59 of the 109 achievements in game.

Dragon Age:Origins Bioware Achievements

Not too shabby, I think. I pulled up the achievement for completing all the rebuilding quests for Vigil’s Keep on purpose. This is one you earn playing Awakening and when the credits rolled on that expansion, meaning I’d ‘finished’ it, I was stunned! I didn’t realize the Brood Mother was the final boss for me and I knew I still had a TON of Vigil’s Keep quests in my ‘to do’ log. When I saw this achievement for finishing those quests it hit me … the ones I had left were either repeatables or grocery lists for Master Wade. Sadly, I never did get my golem armour.

There was a lot I didn’t do in game. I only played a female human noble, my Warden, as a warrior. I haven’t had a mage as a main or a rogue. I think a lot of the achievements I’m missing have to do with different class, race and skill deeds that my human noble warrior couldn’t get. When playing Leliana’s DLC I missed completing something (been awhile so I don’t remember exactly what that was) just as I didn’t get all the records in Golems of Amgarrak. I truly thought I had all the records but since I didn’t get credit for it …

Dragon Age Awakening, credit screen for Oghren

You may or may not see/have seen this ending with Oghren, depending on choices you make/made in your game. This is the one that rolled when I was done with Awakening and, upon reading it, I didn’t just chuckle but I may have clapped a couple of times. Dragon Age has a great sense of humor that shines through from start to finish! If I could belch on command, something my daughter has NO problem doing, I would have done so after reading this bit about Oghren.

Your choices in game really do matter and dictate what happens next. My ending for Witch Hunt was not at all satisfying! I’ll never know what Morrigan gave me, the item she said I’d find very interesting. I played Golems of Amgarrak AFTER Witch Hunt and didn’t see anything new or special in my inventory. I suspect foul witch craft at play here! I thought that this special item may be a lead in to Dragon Age 2 but after a friend who’s played DA:2 didn’t seem to know what the item was, I guess not.

I installed Dragon Age 2 Tuesday night, registered my game on Bioware’s social site and saw a slew of items added to my game for doing so. Looking forward to getting started soon. I’ve heard the game isn’t nearly as good as the first and, frankly, I’m not sure how it *could* be better than Origins. What an amazing game!


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that because you played Golems after Witch Hunt there might be some issues with your imported games into DA2. Witch Hunt should be the last DLC played before going into DA2. Here are some details from the wiki, http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Imported_saves_and_pre-built_histories

    Thank god for the Keep. At least going into DA:I we won’t have to worry about this stuff.

    • I thought I’d already played Golems and intended for Witch Hunt to be the last one going on a comment you made some time back. Not sure how I skipped that one. If Gotti hadn’t said something to make me question whether I’d played it, I still wouldn’t have. /swisscheeseforbrains

      Thanks for the link! Been working on the Keep trying to get it sorted before I get DA:I. Thinking I’m getting it for xmas. 🙂

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