Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening. Found an armour eating bug

sweet looking armour in Dragon Age Awakening

This is my Warden wearing the Sentinel massive armour set in Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening expansion. I LOVE THIS ARMOUR SET! Here’s a screenshot of the full set from the Dragon Age wiki.

Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, Sentinel set massive armour (Dragon Age wiki)

Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening armour, the Sentinel set (Dragon Age wiki)

Is that not the SWEEEEEETEST looking armour EVAR?? When my Warden made the threat, ‘…There’s a trail of blood behind me, I dare you to touch them…” while wearing this massive armour set, you felt it! You felt the fear in the mob you were facing! According to the story this armour was worn by the Grey Warden who killed Dumat, thus ending the first blight. That makes this armour around 1200 years old! And Condi, my Warden Commander, was wearing it! I don’t remember the name of my weapons. This is the best screenshot I could find of them. I’ve been having so much fun playing taking screenshots hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind.

weapons I had in Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening

All I know is that I never died, killed fast and was a BEAST!! And now it’s all gone. All gone! (if you saw me post about this on Twitter I said I had the slots runed out. May have just been one of my weapons as the wiki page says there are no slots on the armour?)

So, what happened, you ask? A bug happened. And me. Let me explain.

I was working the Wending Woods area when I needed to enter the Silverite Mine. I didn’t know that my party would be captured in the mines or that they’d (the Architect) would take our armour and weapons and give them to his experimental subjects. I awoke in the dungeon and saw my party members all wearing long (full body covering) tunics. I’ve been captured before in game and woke to find myself in my undies. As I remember, Alistair was in his undies, too. I was happy to see the tunics rather than underwear! Then my Warden stood up and BLAM! She was in nothing BUT her undies, complete with the most toned bum in the known universe and a slightly off-centered camel toe. I briefly thought, ‘Hey! That’s not fair!’ and then set about trying to find our gear. It wasn’t in my inventory or any of the holding cells around us. Suddenly, there were Darkspawn to fight. I, at first, ran in the other direction hoping my party would follow. Then I remembered I had two mages with me, Anders and Velanna. They were rocking the fight with ease and by the time I was back with them, the mobs were dead.

So I traveled forth, confident of our fighting ability, searching for our armour.

The first experimental subject I found had all of Velanna’s gear! This gave me hope and realization that we’d get our armour back. Nathaniel’s armour was next and then Anders. Before this happened, however, I found myself in a fight that resulted in the (temporary) deaths of Velanna and Nathaniel. Once Anders and I had finished that fight and the other two ‘rose’ I opened my inventory and kitted us out with trash gear. Nothing good but better than undies and tunics!

So, anyway, I get to the end of the Silverite Mine, fight those awful drakes (bigger than draklings but not quite sure if they were full drakes or just teenybopper ones) and see the Architect and his companions leave. Then the Architect cast some sort of spell and BLOCKADED THE DOORWAY SO I COULDN’T FOLLOW! I hadn’t yet found my Warden’s armour, the Sentinel set and my sweet weapons! I decided I must have missed a corridor or room somewhere and decided to backtrack and find that last experimental subject.

Not. Possible! The mine is locked with a non-pickable door and the only thing you can do is leave the mines completely.

I made my way back to Virgil’s Keep and bought what armour I could for my Warden. The drake fight nearly killed me SEVERAL times! I went to Amaranthine and bought The Voice of Velvet off the barkeep in the Crown and Lion. This morning I decided to look this up, see what I had to do to get my most epic gear back.

I can’t. It’s a common bug and the only work around is to go back to a save point before entering the mines, remove your gear and then go in wearing your undies (or trash gear from your inventory). I can’t do this either. I don’t keep more than two or three save files because the more they build up, the more likely the game is to crash on me. I don’t like losing progress so I save. A LOT! And delete saved files. A LOT! My gear is gone. Forever.

If you’re playing and wake up in your undies in the mine, stop and go back to a save point BEFORE you enter the mines and save your gear! Don’t be like me!


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  1. Sorry to hear your items were lost to a game bug. 😦

    I never quite understand why things like this are not patched. Especially when it seems there is an “unofficial fix” that already found the problem. As much as I like that a community will come together and provide solutions, I prefer to only install fixes provided and approved by the developer.

    • I didn’t know there were mods for the game at all until I saw the comment on Twitter. Agree with what you said but if I’d known before hand … I’d at least would have taken my armour off if nothing else.

      • A player not knowing about the unofficial mods is part of the point. You should not need to know about them. Based on the timeline of the posts, it seems this was a known issue back when they were still selling DLC.

        If known bugs are not fixed and require players to know about loopy workarounds like removing all armor prior to entering an area, what does that say about the support their new game will get?

  2. I’m sure that must have been REALLY scary as it first noticed it happened.

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