Monday Moaning: Death Tax and Bruised Egos

Short list at the top, expanded at the bottom.

  1. Dying in Rogue Legacy is part of the game mechanic. Huge part. Having to pay to enter the castle each time? SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!
  2. They Breathe is another game I don’t get. At all. How is it fun? What was the point?
  3. I gave my sons Adventures of Shuggy for their July birthdays. One has already beaten all the levels. I have not. I call foul.
  4. I had to get my “I’m NOT a gamer” daughter to rescue me from a spot on W2-4 in 8BitBoy. I feel shame.
  5. I want a map of the entire world from the David Eddings series The Belgariad and The Malloreon framed for my wall. Can’t find one!


  1. I do not like having to give all of my gold to the cloaked Guardian every time I die and respawn (as a new person) in Rogue Legacy. If I didn’t die so often it probably (maybe?) wouldn’t be an issue as I’d earn more gold the further I got. Still, I do so it is. I say ‘KILL THE DEATH TAX!’
  2. I picked up They Breathe during the last summer Steam sale. I thought it was a cute little exploration game at first but it’s more akin to a ‘frog-horror’ show than not. You’re this cute little frog stuck sinking in a pond and as you go deeper you run into bigger and uglier … creatures. The jelly fish are awful! I haven’t played this through to the end yet and as much as I want to see what happens (at the end), I’ve already uninstalled it. To each their own, this just isn’t my ‘thing’.
  3.  I bought a copy of Adventures of Shuggy for each of my boys since they also enjoy platformers. My oldest sat down and beat the entire game in a couple of nights worth of playing, then rubbed it in. RUBBED IT IN MY FACE! I defended myself by telling him how I’d played and beaten games they were given for Christmas before they ever got them when they were younger. I erased my saved files and boxed the games back up so they wouldn’t know. He shrugged and asked, “So, what level are you still on? Need me to play it for you to get you passed?” He’s lucky I love him, let me tell you.
  4. Speaking of bruised egos I got myself stuck on the 2nd map in 8BitBoy, world 2 level 4. My daughter saw me die, repeatedly, and offered to see if she could make those jumps without being crushed to death. She died two, maybe three times. This is the girl who not only tells everyone she’s NOT a gamer but gets mad if we refer to her as ‘a gamer’. She’s also just one bonus world away from completely getting EVERYTHING in Mario 3-D world. I’m still on the 3rd world I think. Hmp.
  5. I have a nice sized Middle Earth map above my desk. I also have a beautiful Dragon Age map, a Skyrim map and a Hobbit movie poster for my office. I am in SERIOUS need of another map, a map of the world from David Eddings books The Belgariad and The Malloreon. Both halves (of the world). I can’t find one for sale anywhere. I see where people have drawn their own, some in exquisite detail, drool-worthy! I just can’t find one for sale! My office walls are naked without this map! ‘Twould complete me! (until I find another map to make me go all ga-ga over)

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