Surgeon Simulator: Busted by Achievements

This post has already taken an extraordinarily long time to write because I can’t find the screenshot I would have *sworn* I took, anywhere. At all. Just gone. Lost in the nether (that is my mind, from the looks of it). So.

I started up a game of Surgeon Simulator last week for the very first time. I was learning the controls as I played with items on the desk top (or, really, about to start playing) when it hit me that the graphic on the screen was telling me each finger on my surgeon hand was controlled by its own button. I ran through the buttons quickly, A, W, E, R then the space bar. My fingers bent one at a time, one right after the other. I did it again, slowly. Then I made a fist fast by mashing all the buttons. I let the fingers unflex one at a time before repeating this again. It was fun! Different and a little quirky, but fun.

Then it hit me!

If I press A, W, R and the space bar ….

I giggled at the thought and giggled more as I, one by one, started bending all but the surgeon’s middle finger. I was being cheeky, on the sly, and rather proud of myself for sneaking ‘the bird’ into a video game. No one would know, right?


Surgeon Simulator achievement for flippin' the bird

Click to see this bigger!

Can you guys read that? If not, click the screenshot to enlarge it.

I felt so entirely and completely busted! I also felt set up and looked around behind me to make sure no one (in my house) had seen me ‘win’ my achievement for … for what? Being predictable? Cheeky? Silly? Immature? Yeah, they all fit I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny. FUNNY I say! I felt a bit of shame from that one, however, and after a few minutes closed the game. I’ll go back to that game later. (and probably flip the bird again)

I did manage to answer the phone, draw on the notepad and insert the VHS tape into the VCR before logging. I can see where being able to control each finger will be handy and comical all rolled into one. If you guys have played it, A) did you get the ‘bird’ achievement and B) any tips?


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