Monday Moaning: No Babysitter, gold spammers and LONG queues!

Short list at the top, expanded at the bottom.

  1. Sims 4 does not have a babysitter option!
  2. ArcheAge is FULL of gold spammer spam!
  3. The server queues in ArcheAge are in_freaking_sane.
  4. Playing Farming Simulator 2013 gave me buyers remorse.
  5. Playing VVVVVV makes me rage quit!


1. My sim in Sims 4 finally found a guy, worked her buns off to build a relationship with him and eloped at home. They didn’t take too long to get pregnant! Baby has been born and I had one of them call for a sitter as they were both exhausted, thinking that would allow them a good night of sleep. THERE’S NO BABYSITTER OPTION! I may have known this but if so, I completely forgot. The service call for a repairman is gone as well but, so far, my sim family has been able to take care of all repairs needed without too much fuss. I’ve relied so heavily on babysitters, for years now, I’m not quite sure what to expect.

2. The gold spammers in ArcheAge are relentless! It’s hard to keep up with chat there are so many and adding them to my block list feels pointless. Seems like every time I add one or two four more pop up in their place. Is there nothing Trion can do to stop this? LotRO had a similar problem many moons ago but I don’t remember it being this bad. I hope that as I level and move on to different areas the spam will cease, or, at least, lessen. By a ton.

3. I am enjoying ArcheAge when I get to play, far more than I thought I would. It’s getting in to play, however, that sucks donkey nuts! I loaded the game several times over the weekend and found myself in line behind thousands of other players. I never waited it out, just figured I’d try and get some play time in during the mornings this week. Hopefully the queues won’t be so bad then. I can understand not wanting to add to many servers and imagine it won’t be too much longer before some folks move on. Still. Wow!

4. I am far too concerned with nice neat straight lines in my fields to find Farming Simulator 2013 relaxing. I can’t drive the machinery in a straight line to save my life! The tablet in game that contains all the information you need, like weather reports and the price grain is selling for, is a very cool feature. The font size, however, is too tiny! I didn’t see an option to change the text size but I’d like to think I overlooked it. Also, there’s a LOT of reading to be a farmer! In this game anyway. Then there are the objectives. I can’t find the darn places I’m supposed to be in time to get paid for doing the extra jobs. THAT. IS. NOT. FUN! I don’t know if I’m missing something or what. Just, insane!

5. VVVVVV is a retro platformer where gravity has been reversed, meaning you don’t jump over obstacles but instead switch gravity to get by them, as you make your way through rooms full of dangerous spikes (can be found on the floor, walls, ceilings and all in the same room!). It’s been awhile since I played this so I don’t remember exactly which room it was that nearly caused me to blow my gasket. I just remember hollering ugly words as I slammed my hand on my desk before walking away from my computer for the evening. It’s the kind of game that, when you DO complete getting through it, you probably feel AWESOME! Like, you ‘seriously achieved’ awesome.


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  1. Farming sim advice from someone who has 114 hours in it:

    ALWAYS hire people to cultivate and plant your fields. Never plow unless you are literally breaking new ground (which is rare) like joining 2 fields together by ripping up a road. The cycle is: Cultivate(hired)–>Sow/plant(hired)–>spray(You) liquid or pellets fertilizer–> Turn game speed all the way up as well as growth rate in menu–>wait about 5 minutes while it goes to harvest (ie turns green in field map)–> set growth rate to slow as well as game speed–>harvest with combine(hired) while you chase it with tippers. Put everything into silo until you are harvested and wait until you absolutely need the money or there is a demand then drive like mad.

    When you get more money look at the descriptions of the higher end sowers, some of them cultivate as well as sow! So you eliminate an entire pass of the fields by doing both at the same time. To use those you will need a bigger tractor btw! If you see your hired worker doing wheelies or stoppies when sowing or cultivating then your tractor is most likely too small for the operation. Sometimes if it is just doing wheelies add a weight to the front.

    Biggest tractors do not equal most efficient!!!The best starter tractors for their money are a small fleet of Linder GeTrac94s. Then save up and buy one Deutz7250 for your “big stuff”. If you have the Titanium edition you also should aim for the Case IH Magnum line tractors for end game play where you are towing metric tons of grain all over the map. However the Deutz7250 is the fastest, so speed typically wins when you are juggling multiple fields. SELL OFF ALL THOSE TERRIBLE STARTING TRACTORS!

    The best mods for the game are on the developers website. Just google farming sim mods you can’t miss it. Some great ones are flood lights, Mobile fuel stations,placable fertilizer tanks, and of course the ATV. The ATV is AWESOME when finding the 100 horseshoes.

    The first major in game purchase that will change the entire game speed and feel is a better harvester. Save up for the Deutz 7545 for your general purpose one(buy whichever head you need – corn or wheat). If you are playing mega farms like I do aim for a fleet of 2-3 Case IH Axialflow harvesters. It is awesome the sheer size as well as internal storage those have as your hired workers just vacuum up the field of grain.

    Can’t fix the font issue unless you resize resolution. Sorry about that. Although I will dig around and see if there is a mod for that.

    Also most of the missions are rather stupid so I typically turn them off. However if you are just starting out the mowing missions are the easiest to get fast cash. Buy two cheap mowers and leave them on the campground and golf course so you can cut out travel.

    …sorry I am passionate about this game. Also don’t ask me about Train Simulator 2015 if you thought this reply was long.

  2. Retro nostalgia: Back in the 90s McDonalds released this platformer for the Nes that had almost nothing to do with fast-food, except for the terrifying marketing mascots like Ronald, Grimace, and Commander Space. It wasn’t terrible, but it had that inverted gravity feature which was pretty cool at the time. Although on reflection, I’m pretty sure the final boss was a floating bag..?

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