Extra Life Steam Game Raffles via Braxwolf

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Braxwolf over at Gaming Conversations with Braxwolf Stormchaser is participating in this year’s Extra Life Gaming Marathon and, to encourage us to donate, is hosting raffles for Steam games! How awesome is that? When I heard he was doing this I wanted to help since there’s no way I could participate myself. I want to, every year, but I don’t have the stamina or the household it would require for a days worth of gaming. I can’t even talk on the phone for five minutes without being interrupted and pulled away. I looked through my Steam inventory and saw a copy of Skyrim and donated it to his raffle. Here’s the link to his raffle page listing all the awesome games and the donations needed to unlock them:

Braxwolf’s Steam Game Raffle List

He wrote about his own experience with a children’s hospital and why he feels this charity drive is so important. Link to that wonderfully written post is here. I’ve never been in or had a kid in a children’s hospital but my 22-year-old was hospitalized for two weeks when he was three weeks old. He had meningitis and they, at first, didn’t expect him to live through it. There were no children’s hospitals in our area and I remember the little kid in the room next to us, there just as long as we were, crying, not understanding why he was cooped up in a hospital room when he just wanted to go play. It’s so heart-breaking to see little kids sick!

Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The receiving hospital is up to the gamer and Braxwolf has chosen to support St. Louis Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. I think this is a wonderful charity and seeing the gaming community come together to raise money for these hospitals is nothing short of amazeballs!


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  1. Thanks for the plug, Ranni! We’ve unlocked 2 raffle prizes so far, and the next one is Scribblenauts Unlimited. $35 away….

  2. thanks for the chance anyway,hope well soon :>

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