Dragon Age: Origins, It’s the Experience!

Dragon Age Origins credits

I finished Dragon Age: Origins (haven’t started the DLC yet) last night and I’m going to be very upfront and honest about something. I cried. Not a lot and not because I was upset, but because the experience that was the month of August, for me, is over. I didn’t want it to end even though I have all the DLC and Dragon Age 2 to play yet. I sat here watching the credits, at first looking to see what the next scene would change to but, before long, wondering how I was going to sum up what I was feeling. I can’t, not really. LotRO had an effect on me that ran deep and one I still feel today in many ways. DAO has joined LotRO in that regard, having made me laugh, cry and hunger for more. The story was so incredibly well written and I felt as if I had a part in how it was told, my choices having moral and or consequences, changing outcomes here and there.

Matter of fact, when Alistair “broke up” with my Warden, Condi, I maybe felt it a tad. That’s one of several times I was surprised by how invested and involved in the story I found myself. A few days ago, knowing the end was near, I was trying to decide which DLC I’d jump into as soon as the credits rolled. Tonight I decided to instead close the game and process. So much happened, some foreshadowed well and others, unexpectedly. It sounds silly but I enjoy thinking about the Dragon Age story even when I can’t play.

I want to see the other possible endings, three more for me since I’m playing the PC version, but I don’t know when I’ll get to them. I’m still anxious to replay Bioshock Infinite and start the DLC for that game, another intricately woven and well told story game. I think I’ll do the DAO campaigns in the order they were released, starting with “A Tale of Orzammar” even though the one that has my attention the most right now is the final one, “Witch Hunt”. Very excited to play through that one.

DAO certainly has a TON of replay value! I noticed tonight when my Raptr game time pop-up appeared that someone has over 675 hours of play time on me. HOLY! It truly is a powerhouse of a game, though. I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to stop playing. I really can!

Dragon Age Raptr time played


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  1. Aww I’m sorry to hear about your warden and Alistair. I too became emotionally invested in the story and the outcome for my warden. Which is why I’m really looking forward to DA3 because its hinted they will make an appearance. If you don’t mind me asking what was the outcome of your warden story?

    Oh and its a very good idea to play the DLC in order for DA1 otherwise there is a high chance that your choices might not register correctly when importing into DA2.

    • Whoa! I didn’t realize the games were connected in *that* way. I’d assumed each game centered around fighting a blight and since they occur every …. was it 400 years? Thought they were stand alones. Neat!

      My choices: Morrigan’s ritual- yes. Alistair is King, Warden is Chancellor, Wynne oversees the court. Warden told Morrigan ok on never seeing her again but to Alistair she swore she’d find her. Hmm. Think that about covers it, the main points.

      • Oh one thing I forgot to mention if you have Dragon Age Awakenings the order you complete things changes. It should be DA:O > DA:Awakenings > Golems Golems of Amgarrak (if you have it but doesn’t affect the story options as far as I know) > Witch Hunt. If you play them in that order your import into DA2 should register all major plot points. Importing into DA2 can be glitchy sometimes which is why they are introducing the Keep with DA3.

        They are stand alones in that each story is unique but some characters do make reappearances and some of the choices you make are casually mentioned by NPCs. At least as of right now the impact of those choices aren’t fully explained but its still pretty neat how everything is connected.

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