Dragon Age 2 is MINE!

Dragon Age 2 in the box

I found Dragon Age 2 on Amazon for $8-9 and ordered it Monday. I HAS IT NOW! I’m not ready to play it but that doesn’t diminish my excitement, not even a little. I’m running around in Dragon Age: Origins turning in a lot of side quests, finding new side quests I hadn’t seen before, and hoping I made the choices that will cause my play through to play out the way I want. Or, at least, as close to that as I can get. I can already tell Origins will not end the way I would have scripted but it should still be interesting.

I was looking up info for a quest that had me stumped when I saw a HUMONGO spoiler. I know the game is old, released years ago, but I still wanted to scream and smack something when I saw that spoiler. On the other hand, seeing it allowed me to make certain decisions that, hopefully, will pay off in terms of what I’d like to see happen. If that makes sense.

Dragon Age Origins booby beast thing

I have no reason for uploading this screenshot, above, other than … WOW. I fought this thing (forget her name) a few nights ago and still think she’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen in the entire game. Like, holy wowzers ugly.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, I don’t know how much playtime I have until Dragon Age: Origins wraps up but I fear I’m close to the end of it and that’s probably why I’ve slowed down a bit, working side quests, so I can savor the game a bit longer. Last night I decided chores were worthless and loaded the game up several hours earlier than I normally would. Looking for a repeat tonight. Wish me luck with that!


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  1. I hope you dont feel too let down by Dragon Age 2, like I did. The first game is amazing but the 2nd one is a whole different kettle of fish. The control system changes and even some of the racial features in 2. I would highly recommend buying all expansion packs for Dragon Age Origins before you even think about installing DA2. There is a lot of fun to be had in Awakenings, Witch Hunt and Golems of Amgarrak, As well as Leliana’s Song and The Darkspawn Chronicals. Just dont expect DA2 to be the same as DAo and you should be ok.

    • I have the expansions (bought the ultimate version) and plan on playing them through before DA2. I’ve been told the same thing about Bioshock and Bioshock 2, that 2 was a let down. Hoping I’ll enjoy DA2.

      • It just didnt feel like a Dragon Age game to me, but I know some people who loved it. I will be honest it has made me not bother to pre-order DA3 now as I did preorder DA2 and was gutted as the game was nothing like I expected it to be. I have played DAo probably 10-15 times since I first bought it, but I have only ever played DA2 once and that was enough for me,

        • Oh wow. I hadn’t yet given any thought to Inquisition being so drastically different it didn’t feel like DA. I’m not getting it when it comes out so that’ll give me the chance to see what happens. (least, I don’t plan on getting it on release as of today …)

          • Probably for the best. Dragin Age Origins will always be one of my favourite RPG’s of all time because it was just so well done but I feel like they killed the franchise for me personally. Fortunately there are a lot of mods out there that add new life into the game too.

  2. Is there an “Ultimate” edition for DA2 anywhere? One of the reasons I dislike Origin is that they seem to require these Bioware points for any of the DLC. I would MUCH rather just pay once and get the whole thing without having to buy fake money.

    If no such edition exists and Origin is the only place to get the extras, I finally see why Steam would have kicked it out. Hmm.

    (I did want to play through it, even if gameplay is different from DA:O because I am a sucker for story. 😉 )

    • I don’t know of an ultimate edition for DA2. Agree SO MUCH with the having to buy fake money to buy DLC (like Mithril coins, ugh) but the only way I’ve seen to buy the DLC for DA2 is with the bioware points (for PC).


      I want to get the 3 (?) campaigns just so I can experience the story. Not sure I care about the gear/stuff packs.

      • Thank you for the link.

        I went and contacted EA support to be sure. While they are removing Bioware points for future items (Like Dragon Age Inquisition), the current items are staying points-only. I agree on the campaigns vs. gear packs (and yes, it looks like there are 3), but I will not be buying them unless the purchase method changes in the future.

        I’m also going to watch and see if they release a complete DA2 edition soon. If they do not, it might say something about how EA will operate with Inquisition as well.

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