Rewards for your Sims 3 games in Sims 4

Sims 4 rewards info

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I was reading Stargrace’s latest Sims post and saw she’d earned the Ultimate Freezer Bunny reward in Sims 4 for owning all the Sims 3 expansion packs. Congrats, Stargace, though I’d half expect that statue to scare toddlers. Oh, wait. There are no toddlers so you’re good. 😛

The rewards for owning Sims 3 and the expansion packs, mostly, are plumbobs. I’ve earned six of them (did not realize I had that many expansions) and they’re all a different color. These plumbobs are supposed to cause your sim to react with differing emotions if I understand it correctly. They look like trophies complete with name plates.

Plumbob rewards

I’d love to have a super-star or singer/performer sim with a wall of shelves to house these plumbob (re)awards so he could pretend they’re Oscars when he has guests over. Wouldn’t that be neat? Outside of that I don’t see much use for them other than occasionally sticking them on a side table for decoration. According to the FAQ the rewards program runs from September 2014 to December 2014. I suppose this means that if I don’t buy Sims 4 in that time period I won’t get the rewards. That stinks because I hadn’t planned on getting it (unless, of course, my husband surprises me with it) until after the holidays.

The rewards are a nice nod but if I don’t get them, that’s cool. Unless they cause amazing and hilarious things to ensue. Then I’ll be a very sad simmer. You guys getting Sims 4 when it releases? If you own all the expansions you could have this fine piece of weirdness to put in your house.

Ultimate Freezer Bunny reward

This statue reminds me of the golden chicken egg that sits on a pedestal in LotRO … thinking that was a Spring Festival decoration. I bartered for that egg expecting it to do something. It didn’t, mind you, and it never matched my decor. This bunny award could fit in with many a sim styled house I think.


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