A Dwarf is a Dwarf is a Dwarf

Dragon Age Origins Dwarven city

Dwarven city in Dragon Age: Origins

When I first started playing Dragon Age: Origins a couple of my kids thought I was playing LotRO. There are quite a few similarities between the two games but I have to say, the ones that stand out the most for me are centered around the Dwarves. My oldest and I played LotRO together for years and even he remarked that Moria in LotRO and the dwarven areas in Origins looked a lot alike.

Moria screenshot, LotRO

Screenshot from Moria in LotRO

Dwarves aren’t very tall but they love to build gigantic and ostentatious structures, no? I think that’s what strikes me the most when entering Dwarven areas in games, that I’m craning my camera up as hard as I can to try and see the ceilings of these grand caverns built by such short people. Origins is no different from Moria in that respect.

grandious dwarven city in Dragon Age Origins

How did such short people get that massive statue head up so high? (Origins)

Dwarven towns are full of history, larger than life statues erected every where to honor the ancestry. I wonder if only THE most honorable are eulogized with the super sized likenesses carved high into the caverns? Assuming they are carved from the existing rock walls and not made and hoisted up into place …

Moria screenshot of big dwarven heads carved into the walls, LotRO

I remember stopping to stare, in awe, when I first saw this. (LotRO)

Facial hair is always a celebrated thing with Dwarves, too. There *are* female Dwarves in Origins but, to be honest, they remind me of big-faced Hobbits more than Dwarves. I like to think female Dwarves have braided beards.

NPC Dwarf in Dragon Age Origins

NPC Dwarf in Origins

Of course, not all Dwarves have long braided beards. I met one in Origins that has the area of his chin shaved down to a dark “5 O’clock shadow” with long braids in his mustache (the ends) and his side beard. ‘Twas weird to say the least.

LotRO Dwarf

This beard isn’t long enough to braid. (LotRO, character I created long ago)



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