Monday Moaning: Dragon Age what?

I hadn’t planned on another of these “Monday Moaning” posts for a couple of weeks at least but after reading a post this weekend by Pete over at Dragonchasers I felt I had to put this one up. Pete was talking about the upcoming game, Dragon Age: Inquisition and how so many are eagerly looking forward to playing it. Count me as one of those chomping at the bit for it! That’s been a recent happening, me taking an interest in the game, having happened after I started playing Dragon Age: Origins. I’m hooked completely, so invested in the story, and I want to finish Origins before Inquisition comes out.

Anyway, as I read his post he talked about the time investment Dragon Age games take. It’s a LOT! I’m binging on the game, only playing it rather than playing several games (different games on different nights) because I don’t want to play anything else right now. There’s too much to see, hear, experience! I get what he’s saying, however, about games such as the Dragon Age ones taking up so much of your time when so many of us have a huge stack of games we haven’t even touched yet. Sometimes my stack feels daunting it’s so big! When he mentioned that (he thinks) Dragon Age: Origins takes around 60 hours to complete and then putting in the time for Dragon Age: 2, well, that’s a lot of time!

I stopped reading for a bit because I saw a flag waving off in the distance. I didn’t quite know what the flag said but, after some thought, I hit Google to make sure I was right and that Dragon Age: 2 was actually Dragon Age: Awakenings. It’s so not. I don’t know why I’ve been thinking all this time that Awakenings was the second (base) Dragon Age game but I have. Awakenings is just an expansion for Origins! That means I don’t have the game between Origins and Inquisition.

People, I love this game so much I simply can’t stand for that!!

So I went to Steam to see how much Dragon Age: 2 cost. (——-> Moaning incoming) You can’t buy Dragon Age: 2 on Steam because EA violated a terms of service agreement that states DLC for a base game must be purchasable via Steam if the base game is purchasable on Steam (according to what I read on the Steam forums).  I read that Steam pulled the game after EA decided to put the DLC elsewhere, not on Steam. Here comes more “Moaning” on this fine Monday morning.

I. CAN’T. FIND. WHERE. YOU. CAN. BUY. THE. DARN DLC! (for Dragon Age: 2)

What’s more, I didn’t really want the game on Origin. I’d much rather have it in my Steam library. That means I don’t have any of Dragon Age: 2 which also means I am sad. Since I want to play them in order I won’t be getting Inquisition when it comes out. I think I’m almost done with the main story for Origins as I have all four of my treaties handed out and the representatives for each race is in my camp. I’m just running around doing little side quests until I decide to turn in to the Arl at Redcliffe. Suppose I can take my time now.



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  1. All the DLC for DA2 are just quests and some armor sets. You can find them on the Bioware Social Network site. They weren’t available anywhere else. I’d say THE most important one is Legacy as it relates to Hawke. The Exiled Prince gives you an additional companion and Mark of the Assassin is a cool distraction.

  2. I may have mentioned this before, but when it comes to games like this I tend to a) get to them well past launch day and b) take a veeeeery long time to play through. So many options, so many things to read. Rushing to the end feels like it would be a disservice to the game.

    So I say take your time and enjoy DA:O and DA2. (I have yet to get to DA2 as well.) Then get to Inquisition when you get to it. The only real downside I see when it comes to gameplay and story is having to avoid spoilers when people start talking, posting, and livestreaming about the new game. One upside is, by the time you are ready to purchase, it may be on sale. 😉

    • I found DA2 on Amazon for 8-9 bucks so yeah, love sales. Think I just got caught up in the hype (and, maybe, still feel it a little?) … it happens.

      In looking on the DA wiki for help with a quest I found a big spoiler. This was a few days ago, finally got to that part last night. Knowing it was coming I have no doubt it changed what my actions would have been. Didn’t make it any less fun and, maybe, made it better. Will see. 🙂

      • That reminds me of a question I was going to ask the other day. When you play games like this where your choices really can make a difference, do you ever reload to “undo” a bad consequence, or do you just continue with the game and accept the result? (I have been very tempted to hit rewind and do things differently, but so far I am holding out.)

        • I did once but ONLY because the game crashed and I had to redo it. I took the opportunity to change my choice when I replayed it. I’m tempted to ‘rewind’ a LOT but, like you, I’ve been holding out. 🙂

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