Taking advice from a game character

(May contain spoilers as I’m going to talk about Wynne and her back story that leads to her personal quest)

Dragon Age Origins Wynne


I was playing Dragon Age: Origins yesterday and finally gained enough approval from Wynne for her to tell me her story. When she first started mentoring young mages she wasn’t very patient and expected her subjects to put aside all the ‘distracting’ emotions and or feelings and focus on their craft. She was more of a ‘do as I say’ mentor who listened very little and when things didn’t go as she expected, she yelled. She had a young mage under her who wasn’t fitting in and rather than listen and allow him his feelings, she barked orders. This resulted in the young mage running away from the Circle which meant the Templars had to go and hunt him down. That’s her big regret, that she failed this young mage and caused his death all because she didn’t listen to him and allow him his feelings, even if she thought they were immature. She had no patience, in short.

This caused me to stop and think about a situation I’ve been dealing with lately, one that’s left me feeling as though there is a fireball of fret in my belly. Just as Wynne did, I haven’t been patient and my expectations were unfair. I wanted them to put aside what I felt were immature feelings and just accept this or that, even if they couldn’t understand it. I *do* understand it, after all, so why wouldn’t you just take my word for it? The worst part is that I’d let this situation dominate everything.

Hearing Wynne talk about her mistakes, how she should have handled this young mage put things in a different perspective for me. When she said that all her students since that young mage had benefited from her learning from her mistakes, I realized that I was causing this situation to feel as badly as it was. I was also able to handle it with patience and, I hope, grace, after thinking about Wynne’s story. It sounds a little hokey to say I ‘learned a life lesson’ from Wynne, a game character, but that’s how it feels today and I hope it’s one I remember. It’s way too easy for me to assume you should just do as I say because, if nothing else, “life experience”, and I hope I can put that aside just as easily now.



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