Dragon Age Origins: I think I’m missing … a lot

Dragon Age Origins companion, Shale

I was all set to do a post bragging about getting Shale, a golem companion. I did a quick Google to double-check and make sure his name was Shale and found a list of companions you get in the game. Holy bat cow there’s a LOT! Some appear to be campaign (DLC?) specific but one, the secret companion, made me wonder if I’m playing the same game. I only skimmed, briefly, the text on the page for this companion as I don’t want a lot of spoilers but I’m so confused I’m tempted to go back and read it in full. I learned the companion I dislike the most, Leliana, has her own DLC. I found that to be very … odd. Am I supposed to like her? The secret companion, however, is completely blowing my mind.

Okay. I just went back and read the whole page. I think I get it now but if I take him as a party member (companion) I’ll lose my most favorite companion and I can’t have that. If I understood it correctly.

Which, at this point, is questionable. I’m so confused! Sometimes your choices in game change what happens next, a most awesome thing to have to grapple with! But, I kind of wish there was a guide that could point me in general directions to read as I play. When I was in the Brecilian Forest, for instance, I’m pretty sure I made the wrong choices and that led to me killing the crazy old hobo mage. There was dialogue that suggested my killing the mage meant something couldn’t happen (forget how it was worded). It felt like the quest I still have that needs to be turned in to someone in a city that isn’t accessible anymore (Lothering) … like, I screwed up and now have to miss this or that. I do love that moral choices matter as it makes the game more fun but have to admit, sometimes I might want to smack someone.

If things go right I’ll have most of the day to play. Maybe I should give Leliana a chance …. maybe. I’m loving my Me-Alistair-Wynne-Morrigan party and don’t really want to change it.




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  1. Which sources are you using to get info? I’ve only ever used the dragon age wiki and its been loads of help. I think for your 1st playthrough you should go with your gut. Let the story take shape on what you think is the right way to go. That way the ending will truly be your own. And there are a loooot of different endings.

    Leliana is one of my favs. I love her. I do like Morrigan but she hated everything I did and that annoyed me so I rarely used her.

    • I found the wiki last week. I’d been using various other sites before but I’m hooked on the wiki now.

      I ran through as many conversation prompts with Leliana as I could and brought her with me (had a TON of points to put into her stats and skills) and now prefer her over Zevran. Think I get why she was so … guarded … with her conversations now. I mistook that for being a scared little wimpy one before. Last night I was ‘forced’ into Zevran’s personal quest I think. Wondering if the same willl happen with Leliana as she hasn’t asked for help in camp yet.

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