Do you “game-up” the holidays?

I’m not exactly sure how but I found myself looking at pickle flavored candy canes on Amazon earlier and immediately added them to my wishlist for a future chapter in the on going prank-wars we have in our house. Every year I hang candy canes on our main Christmas tree for the kids to eat and, every year, the kids sneak them when they think I’m not looking. Just thinking about their reactions to a surprisingly uncandy-like candy cane had me laughing and thinking, ‘I can’t wait!‘. My bumbling-along train of thought led me to thinking about my plans for my dining room Christmas tree.

I haven’t put that tree up in a couple of years because I’m afraid my dog, Moxxie, an overly excitable lab-mix, would eat the Campbell’s balls right off the tree. They’re very fragile! Last year I bought the controller ornaments from ThinkGeek and decided I’d rather have a gaming tree instead! Only, I didn’t pursue that any further so I still only have those ornaments.

A Google search brought me to this and OMGIAMSOEXCITE! DIY homemade 8-bit holiday lights! Would those not look completely fabulous on a gamer tree??? I thought about the Star Trek cookie cutter set I saw somewhere (probably ThinkGeek?) and realized if I had it, we could not only enjoy epically shaped cookies but we could use them to make ornaments as well. How about these Zelda hearts balls? (The Etsy seller doesn’t have them listed on their store or I’d link straight to them.) Could do them up in the same way as the holiday lights linked above only they’d be flat and not ball-shaped.

I can’t draw a stick figure straight but my kids all have crazy talent when it comes to artsy stuff. Now I’m wondering if they could make them, a ‘be nice to Mom’ project. Hmm. I might be closer to having a geeky-gamer tree than I thought!

You guys do this, too, right? Sneak a little Link love into your holiday decor? A Dalek cookie jar perhaps? A couple of Bomb-ombs hanging on your wreath?


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