Dragon Age Origins: I killed Captain Janeway!

Dragon Age Origins Urn of Andraste

I thought The Guantlet was going to be something I died in repeatedly, thinking it was full of boss like mobs and timed puzzle like obstacles in order to finish and gain a key or something to take me on the next part of my journey to find the ashes of Andraste. There was a puzzle (and I may have had to look it up) but other than fighting myself and my party (ghostly copies of every member of my party) it was much more a mental/spiritual challenge than not. I’ve moved past this quest line and am now waiting for the Arl of Redcliffe to be ready for our land meeting in Denerim. Woot!

When we went back to camp to sell and take care of party business (I say ‘we’ because there are four in my party. I may be the only non-computer controlled party member but it does feel like I’m in a group.) Morrigan pulled me to the side to ask me to kill her mother, Flemeth. I agreed to help her but I wondered if it was a test of loyalty and decided to go ahead and talk to Flemeth, see what she had to say. She said a lot without saying much! I decided to let her live and when I turned to get her book of spells, had a change of heart.

Captain Janeway Flemeth had to die!

Dragon Age Origins Flemeth the Dragon

I suppose I should have seen it coming, Flemeth shape-shifting into a dragon, given that Morrigan is a shape-shifter herself and the game IS called Dragon Age: Origins. I didn’t see it coming, however, and may have had a moment of regret when she changed into her dragon form. HOLY COW IS SHE A BIG DRAGON! I’d taken Sten, Wynne and Alistair with me to fight Flemeth. I think Sten died first, then Alistair. I had to keep switching back and forth between Condi, my Warden, and Wynne just to hit up the health pots. I honestly didn’t think I was going to win this fight but I SO DID!

I don’t think Wynne actually died but she had no red left that I could see when I jumped on Flemeth’s neck and landed the last blow. It was close! I have no idea what I did after that but I’m assuming I went back to camp before logging. Will find out, hopefully, soon tonight. I’m flat addicted to this game now and can’t get enough of it!


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