Super Heros to the Rescue

Saw this on Twitter thanks to a retweet from @Clews64 and the inner kid as well as the inner gamer in me cheered loudly.

The story the image came from is here. I understand not wanting memorials and or monuments defaced but this is impressive! I would have NEVER thought to do this and envy the mind that dreamed it up just for the sheer creativity. Not condoning vandalism, by the way. I’m not into comics or super hero movies (or the cartoons) but this makes me want to play a game or two. Can’t help but wonder how someone or a group of someones were able to take the time it must have taken to paint this and go unseen long enough to finish it. I’d also love to see a super heros monument like this around town. Talk about a talking point! Would beat the tar out of the little flower planters my town has around city hall.


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