Dragon Age Origins: Death by Drake

Dragon Age Origins Fade island map

I found my party members, freed them and then we beat that Sloth Demon and ALL OF HIS REINCARNATIONS!!! to smithereens! WOOP! Glad to be out I turned in a few quests here and there, went back to camp, looked high and low for those mushrooms (Deep mushrooms? Dark? forget what they’re called) as I have a quest requiring I turn in ten of them. I still need seven more. Back in Denerim I picked up a few new quests and then looked around the map to see where I wanted to go next. That’s an issue I have with this game, I’m never exactly sure where I should go. I clicked around here and there, doing the quests for the Pearl Inn. (Holy! I’m not even going to mention what happened there before I left but I will say this. A buddy on G+ told me I should do everything so, I did. I did not, however, watch the screen as I did it because my son was right behind me and it felt, well, awkward to the extremes. I’ll also say I didn’t see that coming, assuming it was actually a secret meeting kind of thing to exchange info. Colored me embarrassed.)


Dragon Age Origins party members

Now that I’ve found Wynne my party member choices have grown. I still haven’t played with Sten though I had selected him for my party RIGHT before going to the tower and finding Wynne. Wynne rocks so much (she HEALS!!) I am still including her along with Alistair and Morrigan. Poor Sten. My Rogues, Leliana and Zevran, don’t get played much. Probably akin to shooting myself in the foot to stop my elbow hurting, but I don’t play Leliana because she not only folds and dies SUPER FAST in battle, she can’t open hardly any locked chests. Zevran holds up in battle better but, like his counter-part, he stinks at picking locks as well. Does Stealing help with this? I haven’t seen a ‘Picking’ skill.


Dragon Age Origins Drakes in Haven catacombs

I went back to the Deserted Building, the same place that killed me a dozen and fifty times, and gave it another shot. I beat that sucker! (killed my party only once, maybe twice this time) I think it was after that when I noticed Haven on the map. I went there, found a very strange ritualistic and murderous cult and am now in the Temple they were hiding. I was told, upon arriving at Haven, that I could barter for goods with the shop keeper but I’m assuming I killed the shop keeper after first finding the bloody alter in the village home. I went to the home before the shop. Anyway, I have Brother Genitivi and while I’m working my way through the tunnels he’s out front reading statues and stuff. I was a little overly confident when I met up with the Drakes in the above screenshot because nothing I’d fought so far was enough to make me watch my health bars. WE WERE ROCKING!

Sadly, the Drakes rocked harder and better than me and my party members. Death by Drake was swift and shocking. Did not see it coming. Dying so fast made me realize I was beyond exhausted so I logged for the night and went to bed dreaming of Drakes. I’d like a Drake head on my wall I think. I will get them next time I log in though!


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