The Witcher 3 trailer has me

Wither 3 screenshot of Novigrad

Kotaku posted the trailer for the upcoming  The Witcher 3 a few days ago and after watching it I think I simply must have this game! I’ve never played any of The Witcher games before but I did pick up The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on the Steam Summer Sale. My Twitter buddies were talking about it and after looking at it, I was interested enough to buy it. (side note, looks like it’s on sale again today, 80% off in the Steam store) I didn’t know anything about this game before seeing them discuss the game a bit on Twitter but an open world story rich action RPG appeals to me greatly.

Screenshot from the Witcher 3

I don’t know anything about The Witcher 3 other than it’s coming in February and the trailer looks GORGEOUS! I think my growing fondness for RPGs with stories that draw you in, making you feel totally invested, is partly why I want this game. I’ve heard good things about them and seeing how much work went into the art? I feel a little hooked. I’ve added the game to my wishlist on Steam and should have plenty of time to play Assassins of Kings before it’s released.

Witcher 3 screenshot

Reading up on the game on Steam, it says there are multiple endings, that your choices and actions have consequences. I remember my oldest, when he first started playing Skyrim, accidentally ‘breathed’ on a guard in town. Said he felt his stomach jump hearing all the “shing-shings” as everyone came after him and chased him out of town. There have been times in Dragon Age: Origins where I wonder if I’m making the best choice, if my party will be upset with me again. I love this because it forces you (well, me anyway) to think about what you’re doing and how it may or may not effect the story. Excited to see what The Witcher games have in store!


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