Dragon Age Origins: I’m in the Fade

Dragon Age Origins 'you've killed your entire party' screen

I’m calling this, and the screen directly before this (not pictured) the ‘YOU SUCK’ or ‘you’ve killed your entire party so you should just quit’ screen. I saw this screen a LOT in the Deserted Building in Denerim last weekend when I played so when I started the game up again last night, I gave the Deserted Building only one chance before I turned and ran back through the house and out to safety. I opted to go back to Camp to sell, see what I could buy that might help my poor wounded party and talk to each member in hopes of getting their approval rating higher. I’d read that the more your party members like you, the more bonuses you get for fighting. Color me inspired!


Dragon Age Origins party gifts to like me

I had gifts in my inventory and I went through each person in my party (save for Leliana) to find gifts they’d like that would increase their like for me. IT WORKED! A bunch of new skills opened up and we’re fighting together so much better! Or I’m doing easier stuff, I dunno. I also made pots with Morrigan! Hadn’t realized, before, that I could do that. I decided not to go back to the Deserted Building and instead pulled up the world map to see where I wanted to go next. I saw the docks at Lake Calenhad and remembered hearing the name of that lake in regards to a quest I have so off I went!


Dragon Age Origins mouse form

After persuading a guard to let me cross the lake to the tower for the Circle of Magi we found ourselves in a lock-down situation. The Templars had barricaded the doors to the tower to keep the mages locked in while they waited on the okay to kill everything in the tower in hopes of ridding it of the abominations that had taken over and surely killed the mages. As I talked to Greagior about what had happened I convinced him to allow me and my party in to kill the abominations. When he warned that I wouldn’t be allowed back out until he had proof that I had, indeed, killed all the bad I wondered if I was doing the right thing.  I mean, the Deserted Building kicked my butt over and over and over again. What if I was in over my head again? I talked with my party members and decided to go for it. All so I could be a heroic mouse.

Yeah. A mouse. A slow-moving stealthy mouse.

Leading up to meeting the Sloth demon in the tower things went great. I met Wynne, assumed she’d be an NPC that I escorted to the boss (haha), gained a party member (Wynne) and had no trouble killing everything I saw. Then the Fade happened and I became a mouse. Of the four forms, I really dislike the mouse one. I’m terrified of rodents in real life and don’t appreciate playing as one in game life. /shudder

I’m not sure I’m enjoying the Fade as much as the rest of the game but it is a neat twist. I’d completed The Burning Tower, Mage Asunder and I think the Darkspawn Invasion when the game crashed.  (haven’t pulled up the Fade map to see the completed icon for Darkspawn Invasion but I did kill the little boss demon thing.) I have all four forms and must say I prefer being a golem to fighting them only because I hate the knock backs. Trying to decide now if I’m going to be all adult and do my chores or if I’m going to declare today “DRAGON AGE DAY!!!” and go back to the Fade. Hmm, decisions!


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