My new gaming spot

We’ve had a rather eventful month so far here in the Moonbeam household and last week had a ‘your transmission may be scrap’ scare. That’s also known as a ‘you’re about to spend a buttload of moolah’ scare. We had to wait for Mike, my husband, to get home so he could determine what was wrong with the car and as I waited, on pins and needles, I moved money around to free up enough cash to replace my Tahoe’s transmission. Mike determined it was the universal joint. WOOT! He’s worked on cars since he was a little boy, worked on helicopters in the Army and airplanes once he was out of the Army for a few years. Dude knows his stuff!

Monday he shampooed our living carpet and when it was time to put our beat up old and falling apart couch back in the room he pulled me outside and told me he didn’t want to ever see that couch again. It hurts to sit on, one of my cats looted ALL. THE. STUFFING from the back of the couch, where I sit, and given my total lack of sewing skillz, well. It just looked deflated there. Completely. My cat fought the evil demon (couch) and won by obliteration! And yet I still feed her … Ugh.

Anyway, we went couch shopping that afternoon and came home with the biggest couch I’ve ever seen. Check out my crappy picture!


My new big sectional couch

Say ‘Hello’ to my son and his daughter, my Grandbaby, aka Boo.

This sucker is massive and blocks one of the entrances to the living room. I’m completely okay with this blockage as it puts an end to any chasing in circles that sometimes happen when kids are old enough to know better but still small enough for it to be cute. When I saw the couch I immediately thought of Christmas morning and how nice it’d be for the family to sit on the couch together instead of most of us in the floor. Last night I watched my Bears play their second pre-season game in this spot here.


(excuse the cartoon that my son is watching)

That big cushion is part of the chaise lounger and it’s comfie and perfect for watching da football with da Grandbaby. (she’s a Bears fan, yo) It hit me this morning that I don’t have to stand when I play console games anymore. I CAN SIT ON THAT CUSHION AND PLAY AWAY!!!! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner but I hadn’t. I’ve been standing to play console games for a couple of years now because my eyes are bad and because our couch just made me hurt. Hurt in ways that aren’t humane. Ways that existed because I had three rough teenaged boys who did not know how to properly sit down on a couch but, instead, loved to take flying leaps in order to land on a brother as he sat on the couch. And whatnot. Ugh.

I’m excited. As you can see I need to hide those cords again (Grandbaby found them and pulled them out) and clean the shelf up  but, whoo! Feels like a legit place to game now.



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