ThinkGeek Christmas

I’m about to tell you something I’m very proud of, extremely so. My kids are geeks. They’re geeks and gamers who love reading, watching and playing Sci-Fi, fantasy and techy types of stuff. We’ve encouraged and fostered this their whole lives and it paid off! Woot! Birthdays have been met for a few years with a funny Woot Shirt. They know to expect this and I’ll hear them talking in the run-up to their birthdays about how they know they’re getting a Woot tee. They get one for Christmas also, along with games (via Black Friday sales) and items we think they’ll like from ThinkGeek. We have, for the most part, a very geeky Christmas each year.

ThinkGeek had a sale this week for their 15th Anniversary and as I perused the sight looking for potential Christmas gifts, I found three gifts and ordered them. I’d tell you which but I’m not sure if my kids read this blog. I know they sometimes read my other blog, probably looking to see if I’ve embarrassed them, but … Would rather be safe than sorry. Anyway, they’re Christmas Gifts of Awesome! I put the order in with ThinkGeek on Monday and was shocked (in a fun happy way) when I received a text saying my ThinkGeek package had been delivered today.

My oldest and his wife were in his truck in the driveway when the UPS man stopped in front of the house. They saw him looking around and assumed he was looking for the address he was to deliver to, then saw him drive off without ever getting out of his truck. I got the text saying it’d been delivered but I didn’t get the package. I went to UPS’s website and ‘tracked’ my package. Said it had been left at my front door. I went to the Support section of their site and saw that I needed to file a claim. I couldn’t remember my password so I requested a temporary one. That password, the one they sent me via email (that I copied and pasted straight from the email) didn’t work. I was getting frustrated so I decided to just call them.

Once I was past the interrupting computer voice (neat concept but she interrupts OR I was jumping in to speak the information she was requesting too soon?) I was able to talk to a customer service rep about my missing package. Every word I said was echoed back to me, loudly, complete with crackles. Still, she took my information, including who the shipper was, my order number from ThinkGeek, how much I paid for the items and what the actual items in the package were and said she’d have to launch an investigation into the matter. That required calling the shipper, ThinkGeek, and keeping them in the loop on the investigation. She asked if I could please hold while she contacted the shipper.

(hold music)

(abrupt change in hold music)

(some computer-voiced man asking me to push buttons to get to different departments)

(hold music)

(computer man again talking about how the monkeys were hard at work)

(hold music)

Then, I kid you not, Timmy from Think Geek was on the line himself!

Ok, I kid. The customer service rep, as soon as he started talking, immediately made me wonder if I was on the phone with Timmy himself. I thought I’d been conferenced into the call between the customer service rep from UPS and the customer service rep from ThinkGeek so I said nothing, until they’d said ‘Hello’ a couple of times and gotten no response. UPS wasn’t on the line. At all. Confused, I explained what had happened, what the UPS lady had told me and then admitted that I wasn’t sure why I was talking to ThinkGeek myself. Long story short, ThinkGeek was amazing! They offered to resend my package since it was missing or lost and told me they’d gift me a gift certificate as well because of the trouble I’d had with this package. I straight up told them that I appreciated the offer but I felt it was the responsibility of UPS, not them. They didn’t do anything wrong.

They still sent me the gift certificate. I feel bad that they did because the fault wasn’t theirs but, talk about great customer service!!

UPS called me this afternoon and told me the driver had a pickup in my area and would be back this afternoon. He’s just left and I have my package. It’s super beat up but I have three wonderfully geeky and gamer Christmas presents inside and all is well. I’m assuming UPS will let ThinkGeek know I have the package now but I’m going to call them myself just to make sure and hopefully before they sent the replacement package.

I ❤ ThinkGeek!


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