Gaming to escape

I’ve certainly done my fair share of gaming to escape on multiple levels. Sometimes gaming is a welcome respite from a hard day of work or chores. Sometimes it’s a much needed break from visiting family. There have been times where the kids (or whatever) has just gotten on my last nerve and I want to escape for a while into a world that doesn’t require me to sign another paper or magically find an entire load of clothes so that one tee-shirt can be washed or one where there’s no need to clean muddy paw prints off my floor again. Sometimes, life is just hard. I’ll admit there have been times where, instead of using gaming as a break, I’ve used it to completely ignore everything and everyone around me.

A buddy of mine once commented on that last one, saying he knew I was in game so much because I was depressed. I immediately denied it with a sharp tongue because I felt as though I’d been caught. He was cool about it and said he knew because he was doing the same thing. I hadn’t really given it much thought until he brought it to my attention to be honest. The more I thought about it the more I became aware of what I was doing. We weren’t the only ones and our talk that day opened my eyes to others and led to pretty powerful talks with friends who were in the same boat we were.

I have so much to thank the gaming community for as I’ve built friendships and bonds with people who don’t judge. It’s a wonderful thing, especially when I’m too hard judging myself. Depression is huge and a lot of us are affected in some way, whether we suffer ourselves or have a loved one fighting those demons. It helps to have someone to talk to that doesn’t judge or try and fix it. Someone to listen, offer a shoulder so-to-speak. That’s why I’m making this post today. If you need someone to listen I’m here. This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction to recent events, one that I’m going to forget all about next week. I’ve had far too many do this for me, whether they knew it at the time or not, to not want to be there for you. My email address is to the right near the top on this blog.

I’ve talked before about how the gaming community has made me feel like I’ve found a home, one where it’s okay to talk about my favorite hobby. It’s a beautiful thing and I’ll never be able to say enough thanks for that.



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