Steam Greenlight titles that look pretty spiffy

Do you ever vote for new titles through Steam’s Greenlight section? I don’t do it nearly as much as I mean to but I wandered over there tonight and found a few I had to vote “Yes” to and thought I’d see what you guys think of them.


  1. The Brave Furries: Puzzle game that looks like something I may have played before but that, for me, is a good thing. I love games like this where I can jump in for a bit when I want to game but don’t feel like grinding something or playing with other people. This game has little mind-teaser puzzles that, according to the devs, take no longer than 60 seconds or so to solve. And it’s cute!
  2. Caffeine: This looks different! This is billed as a psychological horror-slash-adventure game where you find yourself on a what appears to be an abandoned space station. You soon learn your a young boy but you have no memories and so you set out to determine what’s happened. The citizens of Earth are addicted to caffeine and this space station was put into orbit to mine nearby stars and the like for materials to synthesis caffeine. What could possibly go wrong? I ❤ Coffee.
  3. Magic Rooms: I love the look of retro-platformers and this one looks fun. The developer said he hopes to create difficulty that grows with the player. If you’re getting through quickly and with ease, expect more challenge sooner. (sounds a little funny but I think I get the gist of what he meant) It’s an indie game and I’ve found that some of my favorites are indie games. Promising!
  4. Deputy Dangle: I won’t lie. The name called out to me, drew me in. It’s FUNNY. The cop, Deputy Dangle, moves about rather like the guys in Mount Your Friends or that horse in the clip-clop game (I forget the name of it, just remember laughing myself to stitches). I can see this game making me laugh, a lot, as I try and protect the town from the “ancient evil”, a little old lady. Physics based fun with doughnuts!
  5. Lucas The Game: This so makes me think Mario meets Binding of Isaac!  Of all the games I looked at tonight this is the one I’d love to start playing right now. Platformer, retro, can see the influence of what often feels like a by-gone era (SNES) and the dev is not only reading the comments left but answering questions. Interaction between dev and (potential) players is always a plus!

What are your Greenlight favorites? Let me know so I can go check them out!


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  1. I’ve voted a few times since it was created but I generally don’t spend much time on Steam so I don’t even think about Greenlight.

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