Monday Moaning: Games in my Steam library

I don’t know if this will be a regular thing but I like having the double ‘M’ in the post title (and I really love the the play on words) so we’ll see. The numbered list up top is the ‘short version’. The numbered list below it is a longer explanation for each of the numbers listed in the short version. Make sense? Well, you’ll figure it out I trust.

  1. Dragon Age: Origins is KICKING MY BUTT! I was in the Deserted Building last night, dying (entire party) up a storm! I gave up and logged.
  2. I have 43 hours logged in Faerie Solitaire and STILL haven’t found the last pet egg. Holy cow!
  3. I don’t like my Legacy family in Sims 3. Want them to hurry up and die so I can get a new batch (next generation) to play with.
  4. Trying to “Complete a game without raiding a building” in Dead Pixels isn’t the hard part. Surviving long enough to finish is.
  5. I fail to see the point to Omerta: City of Gangsters. Just not hitting the right note with me yet.
  1. I was working quests in Denerim when I noticed a map mark for “Deserted Building”. Intrigued I marched over and proceeded to die, repeatedly, as I advanced through the building. Some rooms I died once or twice in where another, the one that caused me to give up and log (has the dogs, the fire, the archers and a blood mage behind a barricade) I died … five times? And by dying I do mean my ENTIRE party. I’m out-classed, out-maneuvered and I’m not sure how to advance at this point.
  2. The pet eggs in Faerie Solitaire are dropped randomly.  I love the game play but I despise needed one more egg to finish the last two achievements. Way too grindy for a card game. Feels more like a bug than working as intended.
  3. Oh, just arg. My sim family is insane, cowardly, crazy and boring. I don’t have much hope in lifetime achievements being met with this bunch. That’s a huge plus for me, meeting those lifetime achievements. It’s so hard to get them skilled enough to advance at work what with all them needing to be coddled so much! This family just isn’t fun.
  4. I’ve beaten Dead Pixels on a couple of difficulties, maybe three. I’m trying for achievements currently and thought the “Complete a game without raiding a building” would be easy. HAHAHA! Raiding buildings gives me crap to sell which gives me money which, in turn, allows me to buy mitigations to make me stronger, faster, … Just running through without killing (I ran out of ammo) isn’t cutting it. Think the furthest I’ve gotten this way is six streets.  Need to complete ten on ‘Easy’.
  5. When I bought Tropico 5 (probably a pre-order) I was given Omerta: City of Gangsters as one of the freebies. I LOVE GANGSTER ANYTHING! Except this game. I understand what you’re supposed to do, I just don’t understand how it’s fun. It’s like a mix between a board game, a role-playing pen and paper and a grindy ‘build you levels’ type of game. The appeal just escapes me.

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  1. Some of those games are new to me but I’ll check them out thank you! Dragon Age Origins is a must for any steam library but can be very challenging at times like you’ve encountered haha!

  2. Howdy this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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