Dragon Age Origins: They really don’t like Elves, do they?

I’ve never been a fan of Elves for reasons that range from their pointy ears, snobbish views and their pitiful whining. Just, UGH. Seems in most games I play, however, Elves are exaulted as beings we should either revere or strive to be more like. If I said that right. Dragon Age: Origins doesn’t yet appear to hold that view. Elves are slaves to be sold and scolded or made to work or paid to do tasks others wouldn’t want to do. Such as spy, prostitution or kill. I met Zevran, an Antivan Rogue who was contracted through the Crows of Antiva to kill myself and Alistair. He’s a talkative fellow, well grounded in reality with no loyalty higher than that to himself. ‘Least, so far. After we took out his party he was at our mercy and happily joined my party. I took the chance to immediately dump Leliana in hopes of gaining a chest-unlocker with better skills. That didn’t work as well as I’d hoped but as long as he doesn’t fold and die in battle as fast as his sappy fan counterpart does, I’ll be happy.

I haven’t yet uncovered the why behind Leliana being so doe-eyed fan-girl when it comes to Zevran but I hope to soon. Feels a bit strange and awkward right now.

Dragon Age Origins world map

I have quests that I can not turn in. The town of Lothering has been destroyed, preventing me from turning in a quest there. The gates are locked and no one is permitted back in to Redcliffe right now so I can’t turn in a quest there either. Since I forgot to go to the Circle of Magi so Jowan could use his blood magic to save Conner BEFORE trying to walk into the ailing Arl’s room (which resulted in me killing Conner and now everyone hates me) the quest I have to turn in to Redcliffe wasn’t completed anyway. ‘Least, not in the way I’d wanted. The blacksmith’s daughter was missing in the palace and as I ran around trying to find her,  I found Conner instead. Assuming his daughter is dead now since she’s NOWHERE in that palace but I can’t get back to the blacksmith to tell him. That’s frustrating! Almost everything you do in Dragon Age: Origins has consequences that effect what happens next. After the whole Conner debacle (I thought I was supposed to kill him so his mother wouldn’t have to) I’m afraid of doing the wrong thing now.

My son said he had this game on xBox 360 but gave up on it because he always felt lost, unsure where to go. I totally feel that. This war with the blight is so far reaching everyone is effected in some way. Who do you help first and when you help them, what if your party members don’t approve? After Conner I mistakenly tried to curry favor by giving my party gifts. Alistair yelled at me! I found this to be so frustrating last night I logged and went to bed. Woke up this morning thinking about the game, however, wanting to jump in and play.

This game certainly makes you think, think about the story but more importantly your choices because they can change bits and pieces about the story. As frustrating as that can be, it’s neat and I can see where, for some, it drives the replay value even higher. I don’t know how my game will end but I’m more curious than ever to find out. Hopefully Condi, my warrior, can finish without someone calling for her head on a platter!



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  1. I never got far enough in this game to realize that there were so many consequences from choice. Good to hear that there are games with that degree of flexibility.

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