Sims 4: Birthing full-sized kids

It’s only been within the last week (I believe) that I learned babies and pools were cut from the feature ship list for Sims 4. I was stunned and wondered how babies will go from babies to kids. Then a friend sent me the link to this video. And, OMG.

Is that not one of the most disturbing things ever? It looks, to me, like the bassinet is giving birth to a full-sized kid!! All my babies were born via C-section but just looking at that makes me hurt! OMG. I am not going to pre-order Sims 4 and will most likely wait awhile before getting it. I’d like to hope this crazy ‘birthing full-sized beings’ thing is just temporary and will be replaced with a more natural/less creepy transition at some point. PLEASE! EA, MAXIS, PLEASE!



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  1. That is kinda disturbing… But makes me want to try it :@)

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