Dragon Age: Origins feels … right.

I started playing Dragon Age: Origins last night for the very first time. I didn’t realize it was an older game until I was in and playing. The graphics may be dated but everything else, so far, feels exactly right. Right in the way that makes me wonder why I haven’t played this before. Why I waited until the game had been out five years before picking it up! It’s exactly the kind of game that I love playing.

Dragon Age Origins army of Darkspawn

I obviously didn’t catch the right light for this screenshot but being darker sums the entire shot up best anyway. That’s an army of Darkspawn coming across the battlefield. Reminded me of when Saruman lined his forces up outside of Hornburg at Helm’s Deep to fight the Rohirrim. Even with the aging graphics I was very impressed and watching them engage certainly made me wonder just how many casualties there’d be from this fight. Massive armies on both sides!

Dragon Age Origins map of Frelden

Ohhh, sweetmotherofghod did I immediately want this map as soon as I saw it! It would look *amazing* on my wall beside of my Middle Earth map. Right above my monitor. Ohhhhh! I have a thing for maps, always have. I used to have a wall of Star Trek maps from different quadrants and areas they’d been but in moving they ran away (edit: meaning we lost my maps). I want a wall of game maps now. Wonder if this one is for sale online anywhere?

Dragon Age Origins Flemeth

And this!! As soon as Flemeth started talking, (when I knew her only as the Boobie Girl’s mother), I sat straight up in my seat and said, “Captain Janeway? Is that you??”  Kate Mulgrew, for me, is nothing short of TOP NOTCH! I don’t care what Flemeth is or what side she’s on, I love the character already just because she’s voiced by Mulgrew.  Hopefully I’ll see more of this character in the story. At the moment I’ve left to cross the Wilds with Boobie Girl, her daughter. Which is where I called it for the night.

The story, so far, is intriguing and has me invested enough to want to see this through. Condi, my character, is a warrior dual-wielding a long sword and dagger. Alistair has a shield and Boobie Girl (can’t remember her name) is a magic class. I don’t yet know if she heals or not but it feels like I may have a good trinity set up at the moment. We’ll see, and hopefully soon. Been one of those days and I think I’m going to play this afternoon even though my chores and normal daily stuff aren’t done. I do feel like I’m cheating a little in that when I saw where in ‘Easy mode’ your friends won’t take damage from you (no friendly fire allowed!) I remembered all my bad aiming in Bioshock Inifinite and decided to go with Easy.

Speaking of Alistair, he has a good sense of humor. Hoping that continues no matter how dark and trying our journey gets! Also, hoping he’s the kind of companion that is with you in the end and doesn’t die! I like him, especially since he doesn’t make fun of Condi when her helm is showing. (and GRRR at not being able to hide it, she looks funny with it on)


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