Are you going to watch Legends?

I love Sean Bean and recently saw a blurb about a new TNT drama, Legends, starring Boromir Sean Bean. I adore police procedurals/crime dramas of all sorts, from CSI to Gang Related! I’m not sure where Legends will fall on that ‘scale’, if you can call it a scale, but it sounds promising. The website says an FBI agent has the ability to transform himself into different person for each case. I’d wondered if this was another take on Will Graham in Hannibal at first. Will has empathy so incredibly strong he can identify with the killer in a way that allows him to have an unprecedented edge on solving serial murder cases. Will is able to imagine not only what happened but is able to see the murders happen when he visualizes himself committing them.

Legends is based on a book by Robert Littell, Legends: A Novel of Dissimulation. I haven’t read this book or any of Littell’s work but after reading that he specializes in spy stories I don’t believe this is a ‘Hannibal’ remake like Those Who Kill seemed to be. According to the description of the book on Amazon Odum, the character Bean will play in the TV series, is struggling with his grasp on reality a bit, having “become” so many people during his crime fighting career. Lot of potential for story telling there and I’m hoping Legends (the show) will give us a fresh take on that. The team working on Legends hails from 24, Homeland and Fringe. That’s a lot of talent in the pool!

Another plus is that we may be able to see a lot more of Sean Bean given he’s starring in the lead role and, presumably, won’t be killed off anytime soon. WIN!

I need another TV show to watch like I need a hole in my head but I love a good procedural and this one sounds interesting! Plus, … BOROMIR, MY CAPTAIN! So, who’s going to watch it with me? It starts on Wednesday, August 13 at 9pm Eastern. Assuming they’ll have episodes online after they’ve aired? If you’re like me and Wednesday nights are already full of amazing TV, like Survivor, Criminal Minds and CSI then don’t fret. When I set a timer on my DVR for this show I noticed a repeat airing a couple of hours later on the schedule, something I think is an amazing feat of cable channels! Lots of opportunity to catch each episode.



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  1. Sound interesting enough to binge watch a few episodes on Hulu if it arrives there. But yeah: lol at the “not kill him off part”.

  2. Sean Bean’s a great actor I agree. But I’ve stopped watching shows on any channel that has commercials, and my life’s better for it. All the best shows come out on DVD a year later, and you can watch a whole season at once. If this one makes the cut, I’ll look for it then.

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